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Nigerians laud FG’s jobs for all initiative

-‘But should be well monitored’, they echo

The online registration for employment, a Federal Government’s jobs for all initiative, that commenced on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, has been generating reactions among Nigerians.

The exercise being handled by National Directorate of Employment (NDE) is meant to create  and maintain a data bank on employment and vacancies across the country with a view to linking job seekers with such vacancies in collaboration with ministries and other government agencies.

However, many Nigerians have started commending the Federal Government on the idea, describing it as a step in a good direction. But some still believe the exercise can be hijacked by unscrupulous politicians. They therefore called for strict monitoring of the process.

Those sought their views on it also spoke in the same vein…


‘It’s a welcome development’ – OBI UZOR

“I think it’s an idea that should be commended, if only it won’t be hijacked by corrupt political class. Not that Buhari doesn’t mean well for the country, but what of those around him? These are the ones that are not making things work. Before you know it, they will only be fixing their family members for jobs that are meant for all unemployed Nigerians. There’s no where corruption has not penetrated in our entire system. So, for the success of the exercise, it must be well monitored.”


‘It’s good if it will be done in good spirit’ – SOLA FATADE

“I love the idea. In fact, I will say the government is just waking from its slumber. For any nation to develop, there must be a functioning data base. That’s the main tool for any development plan to succeed. By the time the government has the record, it will surely guide us in knowing those who are actually jobless and those that are gainfully employed. But it must be done in good spirit. It must be handled with all sense of sincerity. If not, the exercise will only end in futility.”


‘It will give jobless Nigerians hope’ – SANNI IBRAHIM

“If the government is not joking about it, it will surely raise the hope for Nigerian job seekers. Although, it’s an idea that should have come up before now, I still like the initiative. The only thing is that, it must not be politicised. And by the time it’s supposed to be yielding results, there shouldn’t be any form of sentiment involved. The available jobs should be equally distributed.”



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