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Nigerians laud Saraki as he stops collecting pension from Kwara State as former governor

‘It’s commendable’, they chorus

Nigerians have started reacting to senate president, Dr Bukola Saraki’s bold step in leading by example by writing his state, Kwara, to stop paying his pension as former governor of the state. However, though good as they said, few Nigerians spoke to on the issue urged the influential politician to make the claim public. Not only that, he was also charged to work on his colleagues who are also beneficiaries of such double payments from public treasury to emulate him or even enact a bill that will make such a practice illegal in the interest of the country as a whole.


‘That’s really commendable’ – YINKA SALAMI

If what I read is true, that means Nigeria is moving forward. We need to commend Saraki for that. But he shouldn’t limit the campaign to himself alone, he should extend it to other senators and ministers who are ex-governors or deputy governors. By doing that, we will see him, henceforth, as a good leader and lover of the country.”


‘It’s good but he should make the claim transparent’ – STEVE TOBECHUKWU

‘It’s a good thing. That means he has decided to lead by example now after all the cries by civil and human rights groups. The most painful thing is that most of these people don’t need this pension at all. So, why are they collecting it in the first place? But now that God has touched his heart, we hope to see others follow suit. They should all allow the love of the poor to rule their hearts. But Saraki is a smart politician, he may just be playing politics because of his rumoured 2019 presidential ambition. So, he has to be more transparent on that.”


‘That’s beautiful’ – ODIGIE JOHN

“It’s a good step in the right direction. It’s a sign that the man has started listening to the voice of the people. If he can continue in that spirit, that means something good can still come out of this tenure. I think the senate should come out clean on the issue by passing a bill against it. They should not leave it in the hands of state governments. We need to do something urgent on that. That kind of money being paid as pension can still go along way in the economy of the state paying such to an ex-governor that is still enjoying full salary and other entitlements as senators or ministers.”


‘I think he should be emulated’ – LAWAL IDRIS

“If truly he has done that, I think he should be commended. The man should be emulated by his fellow former governors at the senate or in the cabinet. If I were Saraki, I will even make it mandatory for others in the senate to also forgo their pensions in the interest of the poor in their various states. People can’t continue to eat double portion when others have not even got any. It’s immoral.”






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