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Nigerians mad at APC for finally admitting responsibility for economy woes

‘Buhari has lost his second chance’-They vow
Following the pronouncement of the ruling All Progressives  Congress (APC), admitting responsibility for the economic woes that have bedevilled the nation since the party came to power in May 2015, many Nigerians have vowed to dump the party come 2019.

Some Nigerians sought their views on this also poured our their hearts, regretting voting for APC, especially Buhari whom they so much had confidence in due to his presumed integrity.
‘We made a great mistake for voting APC’

It’s a great mistake voting for APC, especially Buhari in 2015. And I believe Nigerians won’t make that kind of mistake again. We have over waited for the promised change, all to no avail. Hunger is killing people here and there, people losing jobs, some are committing suicide, yet the government keeps promising. Before, they were all blaming Jonathan for their non performance, but now they have realized they’re the cause of Nigeria’s problems. We’re tired of them all, especially  Buhari. He has no solution to the economy of Nigeria. He should just complete his first tenure and leave.’
‘Buhari won’t come back again’


‘Nigerians are not happy with APC and all its leaders. They have misled us. I can’t vote for the party in my life. I am from the north, but that doesn’t mean I should be supporting whatever Buhari is doing. We’re suffering. Go to the north, you will confirm that people are not happy at all. If by mistake you say sai Buhari, even in Katsina, they can stone you to death. To me, coming out to tell Nigerians now that they’re responsible for the worsening economic situation of Nigeria is a shameless statement. They’re bad people.”
‘APC leaders are liars, and that has been exposed’

“As it’s rightly said, no matter how fast lie travels, it will only take a short moment for the truth to overtake it. Since they took over, they have been saying it’s Jonathan, it’s PDP misrule of 16 years that took us to this level of poverty. Now, they have realized the truth. I even thank God I didn’t vote for the party because it’s full of people of unlike minds. I knew from the start that the party was bound to fail. All I know is that the party won’t come back in 2016.”


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