Nigerians no longer offer beggars money due to harsh economy

The country’s poor economic situation has drastically affected beggars just like every other Nigerian. This time around, most beggars return to their shelters (if any) almost empty handed as number of alms givers has reduced drastically due to the harsh economy.

Those ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this also confirmed the situation.



I beg because of the circumstance now. I am not a regular beggar. But the truth of the matter is that people don’t care about beggars as before. Hardly could you see people giving beggars N100 or N200 note now, the highest they can give us is N50.

Everybody is complaining because of the poor economy.



No, I don’t give beggars money even before the harsh economy started. I don’t believe in it that is why I don’t give them money again. I prefer to give money to someone I know who is in need.



I don’t give beggars money before the harsh economy started. I have had a funny experience more than once when I gave them money so I have made up my mind not to give them money again.



I am a street beggar but I come to his mosque every Friday because there are many worshippers here. I used to make up to N2,000 or even more but now I hardly go home with N500. People no longer look at our side. A lot of people , even give me N10.00 now.

It’s very difficult for me to eat again. And each time I come here, I will sleep here till evening period before I leave the mosque.



No, I don’t, not in this economy because me too I need money to cater for other needs in the family. So the thought of giving beggars money is not right now for me.



Yes, I do but to an extent. At least, the beggars will also understand that things are tight for people too but I give them clothes and food items if I cannot give money to them.



No, I don’t like before, but I try to give when I have enough money with me. The country is very tough to start with so everyone will definitely understand. Not that I don’t want to give them money but I have a lot of problems to deal with already and I don’t want to add more.



I do but not like before. Sometimes the money with me is already on budget and if I remove from it, I won’t be able to meet up with what I want to use it for. So I just try to give them sometimes.



May God forgive me, I don’t remember the last time I gave a beggar money. In fact, I don’t even look at them twice nowadays because I’ve been finding it difficult to feed my family three times daily now, is that when I will remember one beggar?



I still give beggars money but not as often as before. The more you give, the more you receive, that is my own believe. When you give alms out of the little you have, God returns it to you in multiples.


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This time around, I myself, I am a beggar. If someone should give me money now, I will gladly collect it. Even if a beggar does not keep his money well, I will take it because I need money more than any beggar. The debt I am owing now is greater than Nigeria’s debt. I don’t give beggars any money again.



I still give beggars money but not like before because I don’t like giving anything less than N50. If I don’t have up to that amount, I won’t give.



Everybody is a beggar now, everyone needs money. I still manage to give beggars money and also those that are not beggars, that are just in need. There are people who you don’t expect to come to you and ask for money, but they will come and you won’t have a choice but to help them after listening to their stories.



I don’t really give beggars money before, except Fridays but now that we are in harsh economy, I don’t even give at all.



I still give beggars money but not like before. I have not eaten three square meals and I will be giving beggars money, no, because some of these beggars are not real beggars.



No, how do you expect me to give beggars money. In this harsh economy, it is not possible, is only church I pay my offering.



Yes, but not like before, I only give beggars money if I have extra money, but not every time. It is not constant like before, I can say once in a week.



Yes, I still try once in a week, because if you give, you will get more. That is when you have the money but I give out not like before.

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