Nigerians on challenges of getting PVC

With over 45 million Nigerians in possession of their Personal Voter’s Card (PVC), millions are yet to collect the essential card that qualifies them to vote at the forthcoming general elections. Some of them shared their travails, frustrations as well as triumphs (for those who it at INEC PVC Collection Centres)…

‘I’ve gotten mine’ – OLAMIDE JOSEPH

Yes, I have. Nothing serious really, may be waiting a bit for the INEC officials to resume work.

‘The officials did not turn up’ – FEMI SOLOMON

No, I have not. I have been there twice, the officials did not turn up. I learnt they will come on Sunday. May be by then, I will be able to get mine.


Of course, I have my PVC and I am ready to send any unprofitable government packing. But I was lucky in my case, I just went to the local government secretariat and someone recognized me.

He said he saw my PVC the previous day. I just collected it quickly.

‘I have gone to the ward, it’s not there’ – SANUSI WASIU

See, my brother, I am even getting tired of everything. Ordinary to get Permanent Voters Card, I have gone through all this stress like I am applying for American visa. INEC should just make things easy for people. I have gone to the ward council, it’s not there. I went to INEC office, same story. I am tired.

‘I have my voter’s card’ – PASCALINE NDUBUISI

I have my voter’s card, but I don’t wish anyone what I went through. The wahala was just too much. But at least, I can now vote. Sometimes I wonder why simple things are made so difficult in this country.

‘I have forgotten voter’s card issue’ – WISDOM OKOYE

See, I have forgotten voter’s card issue. In fact, I am no more interested in voting. I registered in 2011, but they said my name was not in the voters register. I re-registered this time around, only to get phoney stories to this place, to that place. I don’t have time for such.

‘I was told my card wasn’t ready’ – OLUFEMI BAMIDELE

No, because when I got to the collection centre I was directed elsewhere. On getting there, I was told that I should go back to where I was coming from. When I got there, they said my card was not ready.

‘INEC officials told me that my card is not ready’ – SUFIAN OLATUNJI

No! INEC officials told me that my card is not ready.

‘I’ve not gotten my PVC’ -ADA UMEJIAKA

INEC should be blamed for the poor distribution of the PVC. I think they are playing with fire. I have not gotten my PVC seven days to the election. This is quite sad and unfortunate.

‘It’s so sad, I’m yet to get my PVC’ -CHRISTOPHER ANYANWU

I’m yet to get my PVC. And I am not happy that I would be in the league of the over 20 million Nigerians Jega wants to disfranchise in 2015. It’s so sad.

Some of us would go to court to challenge this injustice.

‘The queue is usually too long’ -MICHAEL OLAWALE

I tried to register, but every time I went, the queue is usually too long. I couldn’t wait.

‘I have to re-register’ -MUSTAPHA TAFA

Apart from the fact that I couldn’t collect the first PVC, I re-registered. And it was not challenging this time around.

‘I have no challenge in getting my PVC’ -MRS. ADEOGUN

I have no challenge in getting my PVC, all I did was to go there with my old card and I wait for them to call my name so that was how I got mine.

‘I’m yet to get my PVC’ -MR. PETER

I registered in 2011 and I’m yet to get my PVC. Government should please help us get ours, not only those that registered in 2014 can vote but every individual has there right.

‘I don’t think there’s any hope of collecting it before elections’ -AYODELE ENIOLA

I am yet to collect my PVC and I don’t think there is any hope of collecting it before elections. I have moved from my former place where I was registered. Then, on getting to Agege where I live now, they said I need a letter from my former area before I can get my PVC.

And the way things are going now, I can’t go through that kind of stress anymore. I think there should b a kind of easy transfer of name from one place to another, not necessarily going through a lot of stress as suggested by the people in charge.

‘Yes, I have collected my PVC’ -AJULO FATAI

Yes, I have collected mine. Had it been the date wasn’t extended, I shouldn’t have the opportunity of obtaining my PVC. And I believe a lot of people might have done the same. But that doesn’t mean the stress is not there again. Those in charge of the cards also are not helping matters. Some of them are demanding money ranging from N500 from people before issuing them their PVCs which is very wrong.

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