Nigerians on challenges of getting PVC (3)

With over 50 million Nigerians in possession of their Personal Voter’s Card (PVC), millions are yet to collect the essential card that qualifies them to vote at the forthcoming general elections. Some of them shared their travails, frustrations as well as triumphs (for those who have it) at INEC PVC Collection Centres…

‘I don’t have my PVC yet’ -DAVID MICHAEL

No, I have not collected my PVC. I have not made any effort, just thinking of the stress of waiting for INEC officers to be around.

‘I’ve not collected my PVC’ -BUNMI OLAIWOLA

No, I have not. They have not brought it to my area. I have been there on countless occasions, they didn’t turn up.

I have not been able to collect my PVC’ -LINDA SAMMY

I have registered, but I have not been able to collect my PVC because I registered in Ojota and I live in Akute. I don’t think I would vote because I would be at home that day and Akute is in Ogun state.

‘INEC is incompetent’-ADESHINA PETER

The last time I went there, INEC officials said I should come back. They are not organized. This is the second time I am registering. The previous one, they said the lost my data. INEC is incompetent.

‘They have sold my PVC’ -GIFT UWAKWE

I think they have collected and sold my PVC. I saw my name in the voter’s list but I am yet to collect my PVC. This is bad. INEC have to do something or I will go to court.

‘I’m yet to get my PVC’ -NATHANIEL OTOROLEHI

I registered in Lagos, though I now live in Ogun state. I have come to Lagos more than seven times to collect my PVC, but I have not been able to have it.

I understand that over ten million Nigerians are in this same situation. INEC should provide alternative voter’s card for us.

‘My chance to voting this year is zero’ -ADEOLA AWOSANYA

I live at Olateju Street, Babalosa, Mushin, Lagos. The way things are going, I don’t think I can take part in the forthcoming elections because there is yet to be a concrete solution to the non-availability of PVC. Most of us affected asked for re-registration but the INEC officials said it’s too late to do that. And when they’re probed further on why they couldn’t issue our PVCs, they said it’s a technical error, and they’re already looking into that. So, our chance of voting this year is zero.

‘I don’t have my PVC yet’ -TINUKE ADESANYA

I have not collected my PVC, and there is no certainty of getting it before elections. I have been to our unit in Mushin, the INEC officials told me they couldn’t find my name in the system. But when I showed them my temporary voter’s card, they said I should exercise patience.

Since three weeks, I have been visiting the centre but the story remains the same. I think INEC should just allow us use the temporary cards if they can’t issue us the PVC before March 8.

‘My PVC is ready’ -SANDRA ONYEKA

I’ll be going to my polling unit to try and collect my voters’ card during the weekend. Someone has been going for me since last week and they said it is now ready, that I can come get it.

‘I’m yet to collect PVC’ -STEPHANIE OLIVIA

Here in Iyana Ipaja, the officials at the voting centre I registered are not always around. A lot of people are complaining. We wake in the morning to queue, but before they turn up we are tired and have left for the day’s business.

I don’t know what to do’-ADEOLU LAOYE

Yes, because it is has opportunity for me to get my permanent voters card and vote in this forth-coming election. I have been going to the collection centre within my area but they have been showing up and I don’t know what to do.

‘I will keep checking till I get my PVC’ -EDOZIE ETIM

Yes, I am satisfied because the extension is very essential. I just have to keep going to the collection centre until I get my card, there is nothing I can do.

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