Nigerians on challenges of getting PVC (5)

With over 54 million Nigerians in possession of their Personal Voter’s Card (PVC), millions are yet to collect the essential card that qualifies them to vote at the forthcoming general elections. Some of them shared their travails, frustrations as well as triumphs (for those who have it) at INEC PVC Collection Centres…

‘I am yet to collect my PVC’-PHILLIP OBAGIE

I am yet to collect my PVC despite the extension of collection date. And the way things are going, I don’t think that’s going to be possible again. I have the temporary card but they couldn’t find my permanent one. I was told to come back again and again, yet the story is still the same.

I am not the only one affected, we’re many in that unit in Oke Aro area of Ogun state. I think the INEC should just extend it by another one week.

‘I now have my PVC’ -EHIGIATOR JACOB

I just collected my PVC today (Thursday, February 26, 2015) after all the struggles. In fact, I have lost hope. I thought I won’t vote because the INEC has said without the PVC, one can’t vote. But after many times of going to my unit, I succeeded today.

I was once directed to INEC office in Ifako-Ijaiye, they said they couldn’t find my name in the computer. Later, we were directed to our unit where I registered, that’s Ogba and I got my PVC. My wife and I did the registration at the same time, but my wife got her PVC earlier.

So, I began to wonder what happened to mine. But I thank God I finally got it. I think the INEC should still extend the date to March 20. I think we still have more time. I am sure a lot of people are yet to collect theirs.

‘I still believe I will vote’ -JAMES OKON

Yes, I love the way they postponed the collection date, but we are always busy at work. I have made time out to queue for my card, though I have misplaced my TPC but I still believe I will vote.

‘All I want is my PVC’ -KUNLE ADEOYE

It’s very stressful, though I plan going there every day. INEC officials are insulting because they just talk to people anyhow. All I want is to have my PVC, and I will get it soon.

‘I’m yet to get my PVC’ -ADEOLA POPOOLA

No, I have not. I have not made any effort to do that because I have been busy at work, hopefully, this week.


Yes, I have collected it. It took time, I had to go over and over again before I got it.

‘Jega should release my PVC’ -NGOZI MBAENYI

I hold the Independent National Electoral Commission responsible for not releasing my PVC. I have been there several times and they are just telling me stories. I don’t know the kind of country we have. INEC must work for us or bury their faces in shame.

‘My name is still missing’ -CLEMENT ANAYO

My name is still not in INEC data. But I have been told to come back. I pray I get my PVC.

‘INEC officials are yet to show up’-ADEOLU LAOYE

Yes, because it is has opportunity for me to get my Permanent Voter’s Card and vote in this forthcoming election.

I have been going to the collection centre within my area but they have not been showing up and I don’t know what to do.

‘I will keep going till I get my card’-EDOZIE ETIM

Yes, I am satisfied because the extension is very essential. I just have to keep going to the collection centre until I get my card, there is nothing I can do.

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