Nigerians on challenges of getting PVC (6)

With over 54 million Nigerians in possession of their Personal Voter’s Card (PVC), millions are yet to collect the essential card that qualifies them to vote at the forthcoming general elections. Some of them shared their travails, frustrations as well as triumphs (for those who have it) at INEC PVC Collection Centres…

‘I have not collected my PVC’ -BOSE ADENIYI

I have not collected it. I was told to collect it where I registered, I registered in Imo state. Going to Imo state is a great challenge now.

‘There was no challenge collecting my PVC’ -BIODUN ALABI

I have collected it. There were no challenges. I just had to find my name on the list, even though I misplaced the temporary one. Once I found my name, the picture on the list tallied with me, I was given and I acknowledged I have received it.

‘The stress is beginning to get to me’ -PROMISE NWACHUKWU

This voter’s card stress is beginning to get to me. I can’t keep losing time and money on something that should be easy to get. I don’t think this is how it is in other countries.

‘I don’t have my PVC’ -FAVOUR UGOBOR

I wonder why everything in the country has to be difficult. You want to buy fuel, you queue. You go to the bank, you queue. To collect voter’s card, you go through even more stress. The INEC people have been tossing me back and forth. I am tired.

‘It wasn’t stressful getting my PVC’ -MR. FATI

No, I didn’t go through much efforts. I went the first day and they said I should come back the second day and I got it on that day.

If they keep extending the date for collection of PVC, the elections may not hold this month and there will be continued hardship in Nigeria.

‘I have collected my PVC’ -OGUNMAKINDE LAWRENCE

I have collected my PVC and it was very easy as I didn’t go through any stress.  I went the actual day I was asked to come and when I got there, there was nobody.

I think it is a good idea for the extension of the PVC collection because a good number of people are yet to collect theirs.

‘I was told to come back for my PVC’ -AMOS ANWULE

I have not gotten mine. I’ve gone to the centre I registered and they said they have not seen my name. I am tired of going there.

The extension is a good idea for someone like me who has not gotten it. They said I should come back next week.

‘INEC has spoilt my plan’ -MEG INYANG

INEC has spoilt my plan of voting by not giving me my PVC. They told me that my name is not in their register and I have to wait for another four years.

‘INEC couldn’t find my PVC’ -VICTOR ATTAH

The INEC official couldn’t find my PVC. I have re-registered and I have still not gotten it.

‘Some have multiple PVC’-PRECIOUS NKEM

It is sad that while many of us don’t have the PVC, some have two. I don’t know how INEC would explain this. I am yet to get my PVC.

‘They are frustrating us’-VICTORIA OKEZIE

INEC officials are not doing their job. I’ve been to Ajuwon where they are collecting the PVC but I didn’t get mine. It has been frustrating.

‘No time to get my PVC’-JUMOKE ADEBAYO

The postponement of elections has given us a great privilege to get our PVC. I have not gotten my card due to the nature of my job.

‘I need my PVC, I want to vote’ -CHRISTIAN PEACE

I will try to get my PVC because I want to vote for the right man. The postponement is good for all and I wish all the politicians that are contesting good luck.

‘INEC officials have not been showing up’ -BIMBO AKINDOLU

Yes, because it is has opportunity for me to get my Permanent Voter’s Card and vote in this forth coming election. I have been going to the collection centre within my area but they have been showing up and I don’t know what to do.

‘Will keep checking till I get my PVC’ -KUNLE AJADI

Yes, I am satisfied because the extension is very essential. I just have to keep going to the collection centre until I get my card, there is nothing I can do.

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