Nigerians on Nigeria being broke

A couple of days back, Nigeria was declared broke by President Muhammadu Buhari. The reason he said will not allow him accommodate more than 21 ministers with portfolios. This has been attracting criticisms from Nigerians, home and in the diaspora.

A cross-section of Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on this also poured out their minds…


‘He is being honest’ -ISAAC OLUWAGBENMIGA

He is saying the truth. He said it as it is so that we can know where we are and where we are headed. I don’t see any bad gesture here he is being honest with the situations on ground so that a layman can understand that Nigeria is on the red alert. I would do what he has done, nothing more.


‘The President’s comments are reality commendable’ – HAMMED ABIODUN

My reaction simply is that the truth needed to be told, and the President is doing that. It’s appalling that the PDP government chose to lie to the world and Nigerians that Nigeria’s economy is doing well, when people are living way below the poverty line. Simply put, the President’s comments are reality commendable.

Nigeria is not painted in any bad light, even European countries lay claim to recession so they could sit up. What the president is doing is tightening the seat belt, so we can be prudent and ensure we use the scarce resources judiciously.

I would say the truth too. I wouldn’t lie and yet the masses are facing hard time. The President has been honest and whether we accept it or not, he’s doing the country well by letting us know and face reality.


‘He is just being honest’  -FEMI SOLOMON

He is just being honest. I don’t think it is today that Nigeria became broke, others were just being diplomatic about it. I don’t think so. It is better for us to face our shame than deceiving ourselves. I would say the truth too.


‘I expect Buhari to come up with ideas’ -AMOS ALAN

I don’t understand Buhari and this APC at all, does it mean that all the while they were promising heaven and earth during electioneering they didn’t know the reality of the situation on ground? For crying out loud, this is already six months into his administration and there’s no clear cut direction on anything so far. All we hear is complaints to the left and complaints to the right. I also think Buhari and the APC lack vision and insight if all they see in a country as blessed as Nigeria is problems upon problems. Are they claiming the previous administration did nothing right and that everything was wrong with the administration, that’s not possible! They have not come out to for once praise Jonathan’s government, all they’ve done is criticise the government.

What I expected Buhari to do is come up with ideas to drag us out of this financial quagmire we’ve found ourselves. Bring together a team of brilliant minds, not necessarily cabinet members, and let them deliberate and come up with practical workable solutions.


Leaders don’t complain’ -HILARY EGBONMALI

I have always held the opinion that Buhari is not president material, all he has going for him is a reputation of integrity, that he won’t steal money and all that. But we need more, we deserve more than that. How can a president, who is supposed to provide to a whole country still be complaining about the way he met things six months after! It’s appalling! Agreed, things are not the way it is supposed to and PDP really drained our treasury during the elections, but even in the face of that, the president who is supposed to lead by example, should look for ways to immediately cushion the effects of that and then find creative ways to resolve the problem. Leaders don’t complain or give excuses, rather they source for solutions to the problem, whether created by them or not. That’s a leader!

I like the idea that’s thrown around in recent times about the cutting down of the ministries, that’s one way to save money. Another is this guys in the legislative arm, they earn too much money. Can’t we do something about them? These are leakages that have been draining our commonwealth.


‘The President knows better’ -MR. JOSEPH

The President being a blunt person is saying the right thing, I see nothing wrong with him saying Nigeria is broke.  No, he’s the President so he knows better. It’s reality and he has stated it as it is. When you say someone is broke it doesn’t mean the person can’t feed, it just means the person can’t meet up to certain standards.

If someone is broke he will reorganise his finances, so as a country, I will revamp the economy and correct what is wrong.


‘I am indifferent about what he said’ -MR. IDOWU

Right now, I am indifferent about what he said, because Nigeria is broke and he has said it, a solution is the most important thing. I won’t say Nigeria is painted in a bad light, he’s coming forward that way, could even enable us get help from other countries or the World Bank. I will look for solutions to make things right.


‘Buhari has done well by coming out to say the truth’ – PROPHET OLAGUNROYE FALEYIMU

Buhari has done well by coming out to say the truth concerning Nigeria’s treasury. Those criticizing him are not patriotic at all. To me, there is nothing like de-marketing the country as being claimed in some quarters. Do they expect him to lie before the international community? How would they come to our rescue if we pretend to be rich when we know we’re poor? Why must he accommodate more ministers when he understands that the state of Nigeria’s economy can’t afford such? So, I believe the man loves the country, that’s why he cried out so that he won’t be accused of misrule at the end of it all. He should be praised for that courage and not rebuked.


‘Buhari has done well by voicing out the bad state of our economy’ – DARE WAHAB

Buhari has done well by voicing out the bad state of our economy. That’s the kind of president we need. We can’t be broke and be hiding it from the public and international community. He hasn’t done anything wrong at all. The only area I disagree with him is that of his minister. He said because Nigeria is broke some of them won’t get portfolios. That’s unconstitional. So far they have been appointed, they must have portfolios.

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