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Nigerians on prepaid metres and estimated bill

In view of the proposed distribution of prepaid metres all through the nation by November 2017, Nigerians barred their minds on their preference between prepaid metres and estimated bills. 

The Federal Government had proposed the use of prepaid metres in the country to prevent Nigerians from being extorted by the distribution companies which give crazy bills to power consumers. This proposed development kicked off sometimes back, but very few were able to benefit from it due to some issues varying from fear on the part of customers of being duped, unavailability of the prepaid metres, refusal of distribution companies to circulate the metre for the fear of not gaining from the development among other issues.

 Now that the Federal Government has vowed to ensure every household in Nigeria gets a prepaid metre by November this year, Encomium Weekly sought Nigerians’ opinions on which they prefer between estimated bill and prepaid metres. And here are their responses.



I prefer estimated bill to prepaid metres because of the VAT paid every month. It is too high but for the estimated bill, there is no huge VAT to pay. So I prefer estimated bill.



I prefer prepaid metres to the estimated bill because you pay every month and it is certain that when you have paid, you’ve paid. There is no need for you to be thinking in that direction till the month elapses unlike the estimated bill where you will have bills piled up for you of which you do not know when you consumed them.


  1. AKIN

I prefer the prepaid metres because you tend to regulate your bills every month and know what you are consuming unlike the estimated bill where you are enjoying the services but you don’t know the level at which you are being rated and forced to pay.



I prefer estimated bill to prepaid metres because if I am using the prepaid metres I will want to manage it by not using hot plate but for the estimated bill you can use anything you like just for you to pay every month.



I think I prefer the prepaid metres because it’s what you buy that you

will use. For instance, if you travel or the light is faulty, the metre will stop reading. But the estimated bill is not like that, even if you don’t use light, you will still pay.



Though I would have loved the prepaid metres, but people like us who live in ‘face me I face you’ can’t use it because of fight. Some people won’t want to pay but they will want to use light.



I prefer estimated bill because you can use any gadget you want without the fear of your subscription running out. If you use prepaid metres, you might not be able to use some important household equipment and machines.



As far as I can afford to subscribe every month, I prefer prepaid metres. The distribution company may give crazy bill if you use estimated bill, but they can’t do such if you use prepaid metres.




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