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Nigerians on President Buhari’s Ministerial list (2)

Since Buhari’s ministerial list came out and was full of familiar faces in Nigerian politics, a lot of people have shown their displeasure over the list, while some saw nothing wrong with it.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the views of some Nigerians whose worries were only premised on performance and not names as many may have criticized.  


‘We only need to pray for them’ -WALE RASAQ

Our major problem as Nigerians is impatience. We always want everything done overnight. We all see President Buhari as a perfect being, whereas he’s not. And if we’re expecting saints as ministers, we will wait till eternity. The screening is still ongoing, those that have been screened so far have defended their nominations well. We only need to pray for them, Buhari and Nigeria as a country so that this administration will deliver on its promise of change.

No matter how long Buhari might have waited before announcing his cabinet members, I don’t think it can be anything better than what we have seen. So, let’s pray for them to be God fearing this time around.


‘I have no doubt in anything Buhari does’ -ABIODUN IYANDA

I have no doubt in anything Buhari does because I believe he can’t afford to soil his image. He has promised to appoint the best hands to work with him, and as it is now, I can’t fault any of the names.

They’re all capable, and I am sure they’re all aware of the ongoing anti-corruption crusade, they won’t want to be caught in the web.

The only thing is that he has delayed it for more than necessary since they’re not new as perhaps expected by Nigerians. Aside that, nothing is wrong with the list.


‘The list is not balanced’ -MC ICE

People were disappointed when the first list came out. Until they saw the second list. I think the President knows what he is doing, we all witnessed the way they were screened and drilled. Though, the list is not balanced, I think the president is heading somewhere.

It is worth the long wait. It is not about using sweet talk but getting into action. If any one of them is not ready to work, they should remove the person.


‘I will give the list 70 per cent’ -ADEBISI OLUSHOLA

I will give the list 70 per cent but I still believe the president should be allowed to appoint and work with people he’s comfortable with. He is the one going to work with them. I am sure he wouldn’t bring in someone to dent his image.

I wasn’t really waiting for the list. I wasn’t anxious to see the people that will make the list. I just want a positive change in this country. I will say so far, I am satisfied with Buhari’s leadership.


‘It’s not worth a long wait’ -TAFA MUSTAPHA

Sincerely, it’s not worth a long wait but the president must have scrutinized those on the list. He has those experienced in governance, those who contributed to his success and also those he believes can work for Nigeria under his watch.


‘He knew the people he wanted’ -FAVOUR EHIS

The president’s suspense shocked me. How can he put people who have serious issues with mismanagement of funds in the ministerial list. It’s not worth the wait. He knew the people he wanted, he would have just revealed their name since. I thought I would see names that have not been heard before, then by the time we check their profile, we would marvel.

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