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Nigerians protest as NIS set to hike fee for international passport

+ ‘It is fraudulent’

The Nigeria Immigrations Service (NIS) has taken steps to increase the cost of acquiring Nigeria’s international passport in a couple of weeks.

This was disclosed by the Comptroller-General of the NIS, Mr. Muhammed Babandede at the Capacity Building Programme on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Immigrations officers. He said it was no longer feasible to produce passports with the current situation of the country.

He added that the NIS had written to the Presidency as they await approval to proceed with the review because if the prices were not reviewed, it could affect the country’s revenue negatively. The cost of applying in Nigeria depends on the age and booklet type: N8,750 (Age 0 – 17), N15,000 (age 18-59), N8,750 (age 60) for 32 pages and N20,000 for 64 pages irrespective of the age.

Sometime last month, the Immigrations service considered extending validity period for international passports from its current five to 10 years. sough the opinion of Nigerians on the proposed hike in price for the international passport.



Even if the private companies increase theirs, the government shouldn’t. They should have it subsidized. They should rule in our interest by being responsive, accountable and considerate to our demands. 


It is everything these people want to increase. Everyone is just using every means to exploit we citizens. I pray we survive. It is fraudulent.



These people just want to make everything unaffordable. They don’t care if people are suffering or not. Where do they expect us to get the money if increased with the current situation of the country? It is too bad.



These people are always means to exploit everybody. They want to join the movement in increasing the price of everything. Such a heartless and inconsiderate people.



I am against it. They should forget about increasing it. They can better their services through other means. Increasing it wouldn’t make sense at all. May God save us from this country.






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