Nigerians protest new electricity tariff (2)

‘There is no justification for hike in electricity tariff’

When the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) announced a 45 percent increase in tariffs in December 2015, they might not have foreseen the protests that have since trailed the development.

Though they abolished the fixed charges and declared that electricity users would only pay for what they consumed, Nigerians are not pleased. The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and civil society allies have expressed their dissatisfaction with the hike.

Those ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with also contested the new tariffs.


‘Any hike in electricity tariff is unacceptable’ – Emmanuel Nnana

Any hike in electricity tariff is unacceptable. Nigerians are not fools. We can’t continue to pay for darkness. Let there be stable light first, then we can now be considering any further increment in tariff. Nigerians also need prepaid metres.

Majority of the people are still receiving estimated bills which is fraudulent. So, there should be proper regulation in power usage. And it must be available everywhere, anytime.


‘Hike in electricity tariff is abnormal’ – Noso Chukwuemeka

Hike in electricity tariff is abnormal. The Federal Government should know it can’t work. First thing the government should do is to ensure we have stable power supply before thinking of increasing the tariff. Also, there must be prepaid metres to regulate usage. We can’t be paying high rate without monitoring the consumption rate. So, government should work on the two things first before thinking of hike in the tariff.


‘I do not support the increase in electricity tariff’ – Mr. Kayode

I do not support the increase in electricity tariff because this money they are adding will go into personal pockets, the people in government will keep on buying exotic houses and cars while the poor masses will suffer.


‘Why should they increase electricity tariff when I do not make use of light’ – Mr. Godwin

Why should they increase electricity tariff when I do not make use of light. For one week now, I have not used light and when they bring it, it does not last up to 30 minutes. I run a photocopying and typing shop. I have to keep buying fuel. This government is very wicked.


‘It is unfair the way PHCN is treating us’ – Seun Odugbemi

It is unfair the way PHCN is treating us. They said they have been distributing digital meters but we have not seen a lot of it. We can’t pay more for less.


‘It’s not fair the way we are treated’ – Tunde Folarin

I was happy when I saw the protest by NLC, we all know the economy problem which Nigerians are facing, why put more burden on them? It’s not fair the way we are treated.


‘I don’t buy the idea’ – Kasunmu Olajide

I don’t buy the idea. Thank God that the news was welcomed with protest all over Nigeria. They are just cheating us and I don’t think it is fair. People are charged even if they don’t blink light in their area for months. A neighbourhood didn’t have light for one month and at the end of the day, they brought bills for them.


‘That is one negative thing about our government’ – Adebola Kunle

That is one negative thing about our government. I saw the Minister of power telling Nigerians to pay the new tariff too. I pay 6000 monthly for the light I don’t use. I only get to see light not more than four hours a day, yet I pay and they want to increase the money again. It is so unfair really.

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