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Nigerians protest new electricity tariff

There’s no justification for it!

When the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) announced a 45 percent increase in tariffs in December 2015, they might not have foreseen the protests that have since trailed the development.

Though they abolished the fixed charges and declared that electricity users would only pay for what they consumed, Nigerians are not pleased. The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and civil society allies have expressed their dissatisfaction with the hike.

Those ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with also contested the new tariffs.


‘Government should increase the megawatts not tariff’ – Adeola Adekale

All we ever hear is increase in tariff, not increase in megawatts or how many hours we have light in a day. It’s unreasonable to put it mildly, especially against the backdrop that we don’t always get the service we pay for.


‘How will we survive? It’s too much’ – Maxwell Ojo

What can we do? We have to pay unless they’ll cut the light and one will be in darkness. We are complaining that things are hard, now the government is worsening the situation of things for the people. The other day, it was N50 from bank account, today increase in light bill. How will we survive? It’s too much.


‘Hike in electricity tariff is not the next thing’ – Marry Chibunor

Hike in electricity tariff is not the next thing the minister for power should think of if he really has the interest of the masses at heart. What Nigerians need is stable power supply. It’s after that, the government can come up with new tariff.

People won’t complain. But as the situation is now, I don’t think any increase in electricity tariff can be welcome by any Nigerian or organization. So, I support the stance of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on that.


‘There is no justification for any hike in electricity tariff for now’ – Yahyah Ahmed

There is no justification for any hike in electricity tariff for now. The government should have worked on stable power supply first before coming up with a new tariff. We can’t be paying for what we don’t enjoy. It’s unfair. If the tariff is now increased by 45 percent, that means those of us paying N7,000 per flat will now be paying about N10,000 in a month. I don’t think that can work.


‘I don’t think increasing electricity tariff is the best’ – Oluwatosin Karimu

I don’t think increasing electricity tariff is the best. They should look for ways in which light can be constant and stable first. If that is put in place, they can now increase the tariff. A lot of people will see reason for the increment.


‘It is not a wise decision’ – Graceman Kayode

It is not a wise decision. Some people pay electricity bill through their nose. Some are over charged. I know of a neighbour who pays N12,000 every month. I don’t think it is fair to over burden such a person.


‘The government is unfair to us as Nigerians’ – Mr. Rasheed

The government is unfair to us as Nigerians, because I see no reason why there will be poor power supply and yet the government expects us to pay more for light. I have to keep buying fuel to run my business, this is something  that cannot be done in other countries.

The number of times government has increased tariff is more than what is proposed in the power agenda. This is unfair to us.


‘This government is wicked’ – Alfa Olowe Raheem

This government is wicked, they only think of themselves without thinking of the masses and the poor. They know that this increase in electricity bill will not affect them that is why these people in power are selfish and wicked to the poor.

For me now, I am paying very high bill in my house and in my shop, without getting standby power supply. Please, the government should try to think of the poor in whatever they are doing.


‘it is uncalled for’ – Lanre Joseph

I am completely against it, it is uncalled for. There should be no increase at all because there has been no significant improvement in the supply of electricity.


‘It is ridiculous and I am very upset about it’ – Molade Funmilayo

It is ridiculous and I am very upset about it, I am willing to even protest to that effect, because times are hard and it would be quite difficult to pay exorbitant electricity bills.

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