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Nigerians protest the banning of Whatsapp, Viber and others

+ ‘Bunch of wicked and greedy people’

Recently, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTN Nigeria, Mr. Ferdinand Moolman disclosed the adverse effects of ‘over-the-top’ companies like Whatsapp, Viber and the like on its business in the telecommunications industry.

This was done at a hearing chaired by Senator  Adeola Olamilekan, Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Communications.

Moolman pointed out that these companies who do not have any physical presence, who do not pay taxes or contribute to the employment or other socio-economic objectives of the government have eroded the gains of Nigeria’s telecoms companies. He asked Nigeria to take actions like the United Arab Emirates. Sometime last year, the UAE placed a ban on Whatsapp calls and the use of other Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOLP) such as Skype. sought the opinions of Nigerians on these…

‘They shouldn’t try banning it’ – Okon Chinedu

We subscribers don’t make much call with our credit these days. We use Whatsapp and Facebook calls which is cheaper. They shouldn’t try banning it.

‘They want us to suffer’ – Tayo Ogunsola

We use their data for these Whatsapp calls. I wonder why they thought in that direction. It seems they want us to suffer for their own selfish interest.

‘It would be senseless’ – Hussain Ridwan

These people are sick. Such a useless network. Is it that the amount charged for data plans is not enough or what? It would be senseless if they proceeded on that.

‘Bunch of wicked and greedy people’ – Ayoola Bamigbose

Bunch of wicked and greedy people. They are just looking for every means to exploit Nigerians the more. First, it was the proposal of data hike, now they want to ban voice call on social network, it’s painful.

‘It’s uncalled for’ – Samuel Peter

You can’t tell Nigerians to stop using something because of your own personal gain. It’s uncalled for. The government has given them too much autonomy. They should be checked and this should mbe cancelled.


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