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Nigerians push against Federal Government banning spraying of money at parties

Of all tribes in Nigeria, the Yorubas are known for spraying money at parties. Another tribe that has joined the train are the Igbos.  Some even go as far as competing with each other at parties when it comes to spraying of money.

However, the Nigerian government wants to change this. They say the act is considered as an abuse of the naira. sampled opinions of Nigerians if praying of money should be banned at parties…



I support the issue of banning spraying of money in parties. The issue is very rampant, especially our celebrities that handle our naira anyhow. My advice for government is that they should arrest anyone who handles the naira roughly.



I don’t support the idea at all. That is where people get back the money used to plan the party. If you now say they should ban it, how will you expect them to gain money back? It’s what makes parties bubble.



No, they should not ban spraying of money at parties. There is no way I will be able to gain the money I used to organize the party. If people give me money in envelope, they will think of the amount before putting it in the envelope. But if they spray money, they won’t think of how much they are spending because of the music, dance and merriment.



No, I don’t support banning spraying money at parties. Why should they ban it? Did they want to put the organizers in problem? Government should not try it because if we want to organize our party nobody will contribute. It’s from the money people spray that we will be able to get extra funds.

Let the government leave us alone with our spraying of money.



No, government shouldn’t ban it. That is what makes parties interesting. I don’t think it will be a nice idea. Even the Yorubas enjoy spraying money at events. Some even go as far as competing with spraying of money. So, I don’t think it is a nice idea for government to ban it.



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