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Nigerians raise alarm at the fluctuating prices of food items

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s finding revealed that food items ranging from beans, rice, meat, chicken and a host of others are not immune to the escalating prices. Between January and February alone, out of 10 items namely beverage, beans, rice, meat, garri, chicken, yam, semo, palm oil, ground oil, milk, the average price of four items remained unchanged, while the remaining items saw either a decrease or an increase in price. Market operators and buyers are feeling the effect of the volatile prices.

Christmas and New Year festivities have been pointed to as reasons for changing prices. The forthcoming elections is another factor that has contributed to fluctuating price. A lot of Nigerians who stock their homes with necessary food items during the festive season and ahead of elections are enjoying less of the volatile prices.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of market women and shop owners about these…

CHINEDU ONYEBUCHI (Provision seller)

In the last two months, we have witnessed increment in Nestle products, that is, Milo and Cerelac. For instance, we used to sell Milo (500g refill pack) at N600, it is now N630. Cerelac was N750, it is now N800.

One good thing is that, the increment is not much and it is not on all brands. Cadbury products still sell at the same prices. There is no increase in most of their products.

EMEKA OBI (Provision seller)

Most goods still sell at the same price – cornflakes, detergents, milk, soap still sell at the same prices. We are still selling cornflakes N800, depending on the brand and size. Detergent, that is, Omo still go for N450,that is the big size. Bathing and washing soap still remain the same. You can get a bar soap for N50, N60. However, prices differ in different area. Some sell a bit above the prices we have above.

I .K (Foodstuff seller)

Things are even cheaper now. About two months ago, a bag of beans was N28,000 for the sweet beans but it has come down now. We buy at N24,000. While a drum was N21,000, it is now N19,500.

A lot of people stock their houses during the festive period, so, demand is not really as high as it used to be now. Festivities really affected prices. They have been fluctuating. Caprice rice goes for N9,000, other brands N8,000, N7,000. About two months ago, we sold for N11,000, N12,000. It is much better now.

MRS. AWONIYI (Foodstuff seller)

The price of groundnut oil has come down. It was a bit high in December and January. We sold Kings for N1,400, N1,500, while a bottle was N230, N240. Some even sold at a higher price. Now, a bottle is N200, N220 depending on where you buy it. Wesson Oil was sold for N3,000, it is now N2,600. Some sell higher than that, depending on the market.

MUMMY SEUN (Foodstuff seller)

A paint bucket of garri was N450-N500 about a month ago. it has reduced to N420, depending on the market and the type of garri you are buying.


Things are still a bit expensive. A lot of people are taking advantage of the forthcoming elections. They know Nigerians will want to stock their houses at this period. So, there is price hike on some products. Market price is not reflecting in the reduction in petrol price at all.


‘Some prices are a bit stable now’ -MR.S OLANREWAJU

What is your opinion about prices of food stuff between December and now?

Some prices are a bit stable now. Tomatoes is in for the season, big red lovely ones and they are not expensive. N200 worth is enough to make a pot of soup for the household for a couple of days.

Some items like beverages have increased, maximum of N50 increment


‘It’s still a bit high’- MRS. KEMI OLAJUMOKE

What is your opinion about prices of food stuff between December and now?

Some items have actually gone done, while some went up. Rice and beans were really expensive like two months ago. Rice is back to normal but not beans. I used to buy a paint bucket of beans for N1,000 before December, I bought one last week and it was N1,100. So, it is not yet back to normal, it is still a bit high.

‘Some sellers have added money on some foodstuff’ -MRS. NGOZI NZEBUNACHI

What is your opinion about prices of food stuff between December and now?

Chicken is back to normal, most especially the pack. Early in the year, a whole chicken was sold for N1,000. It is less than a thousand now. Now, you can get it for N800, N750. Fish is also back to normal, one can get a big Titus for N250, even N200. It is not all items that are back to normal, just a few, while some sellers added money on some food stuff.

‘Things are going back to normal gradually’ -MRS. CHICHI

Yam is gradually going out of season. We used to buy a tuber for N250, N300 before but now, the least is N350. Some will even take N400 unless the non fleshy ones. Rice is going back to normal. We bought a bag of 5kg for N5,000 though, I learnt some people are already selling at the normal price (N4,500 -N4,300).

‘Prices are not yet stable’ -MRS. YAMBODE WUMI

Prices are not yet stable. You may buy something for a less price today, by tomorrow, the price would have gone up and it will seem as if you bought the same item a year ago.

‘Things are a bit expensive’ -MRS. IYABO ALATISE

Things are a bit expensive. You need to see how small ewedu is packed. N100 ewedu cannot be enough to feed a family of five once. It is really discouraging. The only thing that is consoling us is that tomatoes is cheap now. Semovita is also not back to the normal price. I bought 10kg for N1,900 some months back. God will help us in Nigeria.



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