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Nigerians react over plan to demolish 800 houses for the construction of Fourth Mainland Bridge

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Fears have gripped Nigerians over plans by the government to demolish 800 houses for the fourth mainland bridge construction.

Nigerians expressed their fears and anxiety when sampled their opinion about the  construction of the fourth mainland bridge that will  kick off soon.

Amarachi Uchenna applauded the idea but expressed fear that the government might not fulfill their promise of compensating the affected citizens.

Mayowa Oshintoye was also not sure of the idea.  He said, “When they constructed the Sango to Berger road, the government promised to compensate the affected citizens but they haven’t up till now. ”

Opeyemi Kareem stated that, affected citizens should be compensated before the demolition takes place so they can have a place to lay their heads.

Funke Adebisi said ,”Our government does not have fore sight. They are supposed to have structured and mapped out space for the fourth mainland bridge before now. I don’t trust the government, they may not fulfill their promise. Later they will claim that some citizens don’t have a C of O and deny them any compensation.

Construction of the fourth mainland bridge will kick off in the nearest future. When constructed, it will reduce traffic volume on Eko, Carter and the Third Mainland Bridge. The proposed bridge will traverse from Ajah to North West direction towards the lagoon shoreline to Lagos-Ibadan Express via lkorodu.

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