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Nigerians react to 8 week quit ultimatum for Buhari

A group, the Nigerian Youth Advocate for Justice, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign for being out of the country for more than 53 days.

The group threatened that it would mobilise seven million Nigerian youths from 22 states to force the president out of office should he fail to comply with its warning after the 8-week ultimatum.

Buhari returned to the United Kingdom for medical follow-up on May 7, 2017. He has spent about 60days on his medical trip.

The youth group’s chairman, Seriki Olorunwa, said the prevailing health condition of the president had made it impossible for him to govern the country. He said, “We urge the Senate, House of

Representatives, states’ Houses of Assemblies and parastatals to persuade Mr. President to resign and hand over to an interim president in the interest of Nigerians.”

He also noted that Nigerian youths are ready to fight than to live as slaves, but assured that no shedding of blood.

The group lamented the spate of killing, kidnapping and robbery in the country, saying the All Progressives Congress (APC) has subjected Nigerians to humiliation because of its self-serving activities.

Here are views of some Nigerians on the ultimatum:



I think the youth are acting accordingly, because I am not comfortable with the APC-led administration any longer. How can a country be without its president for over 50 days? The group should carry on, I am in support.



The president is seriously sick, we should at least consider his plight, it can happen to any of us. The youth should please give him more time, to fully recover before he resume office. He is not ready to resign.



I am in support of the ultimatum, Buhari should just resign and vacate that office. He is too old and not fit to head Nigeria. 8 weeks is too far, they should even reduce it to 3 or 4 weeks because we are tired.



According to Fayose, Buhari is on life support, I concur with that. This is because we don’t see our President, we only hear from his spokesman. He should resign with immediate effect.



He should resign, I am fully in support of the youth. How on earth will a president be heading a state without we seeing him. Please he should resign.



It is good but they should just give him a little time to treat himself. After all, Osinbajo is there as Acting President.



I am in support of that, he should try and resign, so that he can treat himself well.



I will even say Buhari should resign. He is not feeling fine, we all know this but the cabals will not let him. They want his case to be like Yar’Adua’s case. I will support the youth.



The situation he is facing is too much, especial about his sickness. I

think for peace to reign in the country, they should leave him, so he will treat himself well. At least, there is someone acting on his behalf and is doing well.



These youths are mere noisemakers. Their ultimatum has no effect whatsoever on anyone. The Constitution stipulates that he must return before the lapse of 3months. If he doesn’t then, the vice President must be sworn in as the substantive president. May God heal President Buhari. It will forever remain in our history that he is the only one that ever fought corruption to a certain reasonable extent. God bless Nigeria.



Nigerians won’t have rest until we put a stop to tribalism in the nation. I am quite sure that Buhari himself would have considered resigning but the fear of being rejected by his people won’t allow him do so. That was the same thing they did to the late Musa Yar’Adua until he eventually died and power went to where they didn’t want it to go. If only he could resign, it would be better.



I am sure those shouting are being sponsored by the opposition party. Only few of them received reasonable amount of money, the others are making noise over the peanut they were given. Nonetheless, if only there is no hidden motive behind this, the president sure needs to attend to his health issue. He should resign honourably.



If any of these youths is the first son or daughter of the President, would he/she call for the father’s resignation? They should let the president be and not dictate to him. I don’t know where they saw what they are saying in the Constitution, and whatever is not in the Constitution of the country is ‘null and void’.



To call for the president’s resignation is not as bad as what will come out of it. The northerners won’t succumb to this. And their way of thinking of quite different from from the other tribes in the country, they may decide to start a war now which I think the youths calling for the president’s resignation

are not prepared for. I think we should just pray for the man, that’s what he needs now.



We have had enough of bad governance, Buhari should resign and let somebody else take up the mantle. Why should millions of people continue to suffer just because one man is ill? How long do we want to continue living like this? Nigerians should stop being hypocritical and let’s move on. We should not pity someone and suffer in exchange.





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