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Nigerians react to bailout money to states held by banks (2)

A couple of weeks back, when the Federal Government announced a bailout for the states owing workers’ salaries for months, the hope of those states was that the storm was over. But to their dismay, the money couldn’t get to them as it’s said to have been trapped by the banks the states are also owing.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the reactions of some Nigerians on this, and they all appealed to the Federal Government to intervene in the interest of the suffering workers in those states….


‘They should  sort out their problem’ – FOWOPE ABIMBOLA

I will advise the government to leave the states to their own fate. Owing citizens is not the best, the same people voted them into power. They should leave them to sort out their problem.


‘They should intervene’ – IKECHUKWU AZUBUIKE

The Federal Government should not leave them to their fate. They should intervene because of the innocent citizens that are at the receiving end.


‘The banks should be considerate’ – MERCY UWAOMA

Come on, the banks should be considerate of the people suffering in the states. I know the states are owing and they have every right to withhold the monies, but for the sake of the civil servants being owed several months’ salary, they should release part of it, if not all.

What should be done at this point is the state governors should have a discussion with the bank to see how they can reach a resolution for the banks to release part of the money, and when the state gets revenue from other sources, they pay back.


‘Something should be done about it’ – SHINA ABIODUN

How can a state be owing workers and still be owing banks? What did the governor use all the money borrowed for? This goes to show that our problems are even closer to home than we thought. We lament about the federal government when states are owing everywhere.

I sincerely don’t know what they can do. Maybe try and make the banks see reason to release the money and prove they can pay back afterwards.


‘Federal Government to wade into the matter’ – ADELEWA OJO

President Buhari’s good intention concerning the bail out for the states owing workers’ salaries has been defeated by the action of the banks that withheld the fund. What next now is for the Federal Government to wade into the matter so that the money can get to the appropriate hands.


‘The banks should release the money’ – FALASE EWAADE

First, I think the banks’ action is totally condemnable. They’re not supposed to trap the fund not meant for them. Now that it has happened, Federal Government needs to intervene again so that the affected states can have money to pay their workers.

Also, the banks should in the interest of the suffering workers soft pedal on the issue and release the money without any further delay.

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