‘Nigerians really love fashion; they deserve the best of it’ – Oladunni Anifowose, CEO, Derannies World


Oladunni Anifowose is the brain behind Derannies World, a house of fashion that specializes in makeup, beauty spa, facial treatment and more. She’s passionate about fashion and this gives her brand an edge in the makeup world. The Business Administration graduate of Ajayi Crowther University believes fashion is all about passion.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the beautiful fashionista revealed her uniqueness, what has kept her business over the years and experience in the make-up world.


derannies-worldHow did you find your way into the make-up world?

It all started after I finished secondary school, I didn’t want to stay at home without having anything to keep myself busy. I have always had fashion as a passion, this prompted the idea of going for make-up training in 2008. I started my training with Ojuloge. She was my first boss before I joined MUD Academy, a make-up designatory.

Afterwards, I got myself registered. I’m not into make-up alone, we are into event management, boutique, make-up and spa.

How long have you been in the business and tell us your experience so far?

I have been doing this business for 5 years. The make-up industry is very competitive but I have been putting my best in it to make the name Derannies a popular brand in the make-up world. It has not been easy but God have been helping me out.

With the current economic situation of the country, would you say the recession has affected your business?

To some extent, it has affected my business. I went for a training in the USA early this year and when I came back the charges I give my customers was a bit higher compared to what I used to charge before I travelled. A lot of my customers complained they can’t afford my charges so, I have to scale down my charges and put myself on the average charges that my customers can afford.

You are a graduate of Business Administration, why did you delve into the make-up world and not using your certificate to work?

Business Administration wasn’t the course I intended studying in school. I had the dream to be a Mass Communication student right from time. I thought I was going to study something about fashion and entertainment in school but I ended up as a Business Administration student.

So, I have to go back to my passion because I believe I will do better if I’m not the fashion business and that was what brings about Derannies World (laughs).

Do you have any celebrity that patronizes you?

Yes. I have some for now but I’m still working on getting more celebrities to patronize me. Today for instance, I was supposed to have a shoot with Omoni Oboli but I had to cancel it. I have had with Mercy Aigbe and some others.

Tell us about your charges, do you charge celebrities more?

Right now I hardly charge celebrities just because I’m still trying to build my brand in the industry. Sometimes I will even offer to do make-up for free just to promote my name. Some will tell me to come and do it and some will not. But when we talk about people generally, we call them ‘partyrockers’. I don’t charge very high for make-up and tying of gele, it’s N7,000 and make-up alone is just N5,000. So, my charges are affordable and trust me, you will love what you paid for.

How long does it take to make-up?

Let me just say within 30 to 45 minutes for the make-up, but if photograph is included because I do photography too, then it might take up to 1 hour.

Would you say the location where your studio is has affected your business?

No, it’s even a plus for me. It’s putting me on top of the world. My studio is situated at Awolowo Way, Ikeja, very close to the Lagoon Hospital, Balogun Bus Stop. So, the location have had a positive impact on my business.

What does it take to be a make-up artist?

It takes a lot, I mean a whole lot. Not even in this recession period (laughs). Being a make-up artist today takes money and passion. As at when I learnt make-up in 2008, I started with N50,000 and with that amount I was able to put things together.

Right now if you want to start the business you must have at least N200,000 for the training and getting products. But if you want to set up a studio and go into the business fully then it costs more. Make-up artist don’t keep savings because we keep on buying make-up products that will satisfy our clients.

Do you have male clients?

I have actually gotten offers from male clients basically for TV presentations but the time of the job doesn’t favour me. It’s a job I have to do late in the night which I can’t because I’m a house wife (laughs). But I have actually done several make-up for a male client before.

I don’t have much job to do on my male clients, it just about applying the powder, foundation and other things and it cost more compared to that of a female because it’s studio work that need to be done perfectly. So, all we do at Derannies World is to make people look good.

Tell us about your challenges so far in the make-up industry.

The social media today is one of my challenges because clients, most especially on instagram believe it’s until you have a lot of followers that you are good in what you are doing. But that doesn’t say it all. Many people have thousands of followers but they are not good at this job, while some are extremely good but with low followers.

It is until you have seen what they can do you will believe whether they are good or not. So, that’s my basic challenge for now. I feel our clients should just try to call on us and try us out and not judging whether you are good or not by the numbers of followers they see on your social media platforms.

What stands your brand out in the make-up world?

What stands me out among others is that I don’t just do make-up. I’m into skin care, facials and beauty spa for male and female. I have the female lounge, also male lounge. Derannies World is all about fashion. For instance, if a bride contacts us to do her make-up for her December wedding, we don’t just wait till that day before we do the make-up.

What we do at Derannies Signature is to do more of facial treatment for her at least 2 months before the date. This will enable her face to look stunning on her wedding day. Many make-up artist don’t do this. Doing facial treatment for a bride before her day will make her appreciate the worth of her money and that will make her feel pampered.

Who do you look up to in the make-up world?

I actually want to be like Tara, I respect that woman so much because she’s unique. I want something like having a make-up school, uniformed and well packaged like Tara has done. Make-up business in Nigeria today is no longer the way it uses to be.

Make-up is meant to enhance beauty but what we have today is another thing. So, I’m trying to differentiate myself from the quack make-up artists that we have. I’m trying to build a strong brand for myself and my students. I want a very standard institution that will speak more of what Tara has done.

From your experience, would you say Nigerians are fashionable?

Yes. We are fashionable. We love fashion in this country compared to anywhere else. We are full of life. This is why I preferred Nigeria more to other places. Nigeria really appreciates fashion and they deserve the best of it.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Oladunni Anifowose, a graduate of Ajayi Crowther University. BSc in Business Administration. I am a native of Ogun State, Ijebu Ode to be precise.

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