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Nigerians reject N5 per litre petrol hike by the Senate

‘It’s a way of inflicting more hardships on Nigerians’

Nigerians have kicked against the approved N5 fuel tax by the Senate in line with the National Road Fund Establishment Bill which is part of the 11 economic reform bills initiated by the apex chamber also approved by the House of Representatives.

Some Nigerians spoke with rejected the step. They described it as another form of hardship on the common man.


‘That’s unacceptable’ – WILSON CHUKWUKA

“You don’t need to throw the question before me, what do you think would have been my reaction other than rejecting it outrightly?

Our government at all levels are cheats. They always look for a way of exploiting the poor. What they are doing to us is unfair. How can they come up with that kind of a tax even when, already, the poor are not satisfied with the existing N145 price per litre? It shows they have not in anyway been responsive to the plight of the masses. It’s absolutely unacceptable.”


‘We will resist it’ – ADELEKE ISMAEEL

“There’s no way Nigerians can accept any further increase in fuel price. We will resist any attempt to further compound our problems. Nigerians are not fools. This APC government is full of lies and propaganda. I am disappointed in the government because I voted for the party all through. The Senate introducing fuel tax are not going to pay it because most of them enjoy everything free. If at all they pay for the fuel they use, the money is from the national purse. Whatever the economic decision they take doesn’t affect them, but the poor they pretend to be representing.”


‘It’s rubbish and unacceptable’ – OBI UZOR

“Such a decision is rubbish and unacceptable. They’re all jokers. They just want to add to the hardships of the common man. They can even increase it to any amount in as much they know it doesn’t affect them. I keep saying it, APC has nothing to offer. It’s a party put together by propaganda. Since the party took over, it has never benefited the poor. I personally have not benefited anything from the government. Anyway, I am not disappointed because I didn’t vote for APC and I even instructed my wife not to vote for Buhari and she didn’t. So, I have nothing to regret. We’re yet to come out of one problem, they’re still coming up with another one. APC is a disappointment to Nigeria.


‘It’s acceptable only if it will be channelled towards road maintenance as claimed’ -EMMANUEL NNANA

“I see nothing wrong in the N5 tax on a litre of fuel if such money will directed to road maintenance as they said. But one thing about these people is that it’s very difficult to trust them concerning the issue of fund. If that’s out, there is nothing bad in the policy reform as regards fuel tax introduction.”






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