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Nigerians rejoice as dollar crashes to N365

Although we’re yet to feel the impact, it’s good news’

Many Nigerians have been happy and excited since the dollar started crashing a few days ago. And the hope that prices of goods and services will soon come down has also started rising.

A few Nigerians sought their reactions on the declining exchange rate (which stood at N365/ $1) described it as a positive development.


‘It’s a good development’ – MORADEYO ISIAKA

It’s a good development that dollar has crashed against the naira. In fact, I am happy and excited about it. It’s a big relief for Nigerians as a whole. But we’re yet to feel its impact.


‘We’re happy now’ – IDRIS ABUBAKAR

I am very happy, and I think all other Nigerians are also happy. Today, they said dollar is now N360 as against N520 it used to be. I believe very soon, we should be feeling the effect. I pray Allah will strengthen Buhari so that he can continue the good work.


‘I believe God is in charge now’ – OBINA OKEZIE

Now, I believe God has taken over Nigeria’s problems. He has just started with Forex issue. Dollar has come down incredibly. A lot of people are happy now, but prices of commodity are yet to be affected. We still buy all the essential goods the same prices we have been buying them before the dollar fell drastically against the naira. But I think we should praise Buhari and his vice, Osinbajo for that.


‘Our business will rise soon’ – ABDULLAHI ABU

Yes, Alhamdulillahi, the exchange rate has come down. The scarcity of dollar and other top currencies is gradually receding. We have started enjoying the trade as Bureau De Change operators because more people are patronizing us now. Very soon, everything will stabilize if the government keeps pumping dollar into the system. Today, I sold dollar for N380 and I bought it at the rate of N365.



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