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Nigerians respond to Gov. Ajimobi’s claim that we are all corrupt

The blanket corruption allegation leveled against all Nigerians by the governor of Oyo state, Chief Abiola Ajimobi has caused furor on social media, with many heaping invectives on him.

While some labeled him corruption itself, others are telling the governor to go and pay the salaries owed Oyo workers.

Here are some comments…


babajeje123: This man should shut up and pay his workers.

Litmus: If he is corrupt why does he not change his ways instead of mitigating his flaws by taring others. I am Nigerian and i am not corrupt. My parents are not corrupt either. A Nigerian is probably one of the most honest human-being in the world and he is me.
People like this man and those that agree with him are highly offensive. In fact i would go as far as to call them depraved in their madness.

Ayuslad: Thank God he now realised that he is very corrupt.


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