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Nigerians reveal the sweetest lessons learnt from this recession

Nigerians are glad that recession is officially over and they are looking forward to the physical manifestation of a better dawn.

However, they shared some of the lessons they learnt during recession…


Aminat Kareem

I learnt that when you have surplus, you should save for the raining days. Like the Yoruba’s used to say, don’t use all your ten fingers to eat. I also learnt to persevere in all situations. I also learnt the principle of management and sustenance.


Tolulope Jobs

l learn how to be prudent in spending, it was very difficult as a student but I had to do it. I also learnt to manage what I have. I also learnt to be contended with what I have and not to look at what others have.


Kehinde Emmanuel

I have learnt to be careful and save very well, though it was not easy at first. But I learnt the hard way. I also learnt that it is not good to put one’s eggs in one basket. You must learn how to multi task and do more than one thing.


Yomi Ajao

l have learnt how to manage my resources, no matter how small it is. Recession also drove me closer to God. You know when all others have failed, you just have to look up to one Source that cannot fail.

I have also learnt how to be prudent in everything, I don’t just give out money any how again.


Eniola Akintola

I have learn how to save because nobody knows tomorrow. Recession came on us by surprise and it was so sudden that a lot of people were thrown off balance.


Bamidele Jacobs

Recession taught me how to spend wisely. It is not as if I was not wise before but it taught me to be extra wise in spending. You can’t see me spend anyhow. I have learnt to prioritize my priorities – you know when you have priorities and you still have to place them on the scale of importance.


Yinka Babatunde

I learnt that it is too much eating that made me over weight. It is not just eating the wrong things. I lost about 20 kg during recession.

I moved from size 16 to size 12. I didn’t eat right during recession and I lost a lot of weight. I only ate what was available.


Ifeoma Ifeoluwa

Thank God recession is over. It was really not easy. Recession made me value true friends, most of my friends ran away probably because they didn’t want someone to over burden them. These were people who are comfortable. It was only true friends that stood by me and I also supported them.


Vanessa Julius

Recession bought out the creative side in me, I was able to come up with ideas that led to making money. I also learnt to multi task. I was able to set up a small business to support what I was doing.


Olowookere Jones

I have learnt to be humble and not to spend lavishly. I also learn how to stay low key at least with that I was able to manage the little I have without friends disturbing me.

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