NIGERIANS SCORE JONATHAN LOW IN 2013 – Set fresh agenda for the president

Nigerians have come hard on President Goodluck Jonathan for not living up to their expectations in 2013. Admitting he performed below average, they have set fresh agenda for the president urged him to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people.


AKACHUKWU EZECHUKWU – President Goodluck Jonathan has not done well. He has failed to provide basic infrastructure to Nigerians. The economy is in shambles. Power supply is in its worst state since early 2000.


COMRADE HENRY ROWLANDS – President Jonathan performed creditably in 2013. From sports to power, the economy to agriculture, the federal government was simply on point.

I expect him to consolidate on the power reforms, implement the agreement reached with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and create more jobs for youths. He should wake up this year and deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians. The issue of power and the economy should be taken seriously.


OLATUNJI FAYOSE – I don’t see anything to assess per se. This is because it was underwhelming in terms of governance and delivering the goods. Jonathan could have done far better than he did last year.

I am not expecting anything spectacular from the president. He said power will be stable this year. And with the massive investment in the sector, coupled with the privatization, stable power by June this year is the least the president can give us.


JACOBS OLUMESE – It was not as terrible as some people would believe. The president can only do as much as he can. He did well last year and I can score him slightly above average. His failings last year was his poor handling of the ASUU strike that dragged for too long and corruption issue. He is winning the war against Boko Haram and that is a good thing.

This is a centenary year and a lot of activities have been lined up, no doubt. I hope he will continue with his performance and all his underground work can come to light this year.


LAYIWOLA ADESIYAN – It’s a fact that the man didn’t perform well in 2013. He was insensitive to our plight. He has failed Nigerians, especially in the aspect of security. Boko Haram issue is yet to be tackled. A lot of issues affecting the masses were also neglected. So, what are we assessing?

But we can’t rule out the likelihood of him springing surprises in 2014 because of his second term ambition. The only thing I want him to fix is our infrastructure. If that is done, we will all be happy.


CHIOMA IBE – I couldn’t see anything the president has done well since he came to power, not only in 2013. But 2013 was worse than every other year he had spent. I think he should change his advisers and policy makers. All Nigerians are expecting dividends of democracy this year. Nothing more.


PASTOR OLUFEMI ODEJOBI – He tried his best, but it could have been better. He spent the better part of 2013 fighting political opponents. We want a unified Nigeria. He should do all in his capacity to unite the people of this country, build more roads and work on the economy. He should also work on the nation’s security.


IYABODE ADURAGBEMI – It’s not easy to preside over the whole of Nigeria and not be criticized. People were abusing him but I can tell you the position is very sensitive, maybe because of the expectations of the people, many couldn’t see what he is doing. He will get better with time.

Like I said, he will get better with time. I expect a new Nigeria under Jonathan in 2014.


AFOLABI ATINUKE – Jonathan’s performance in 2013 was quite fair. He disappointed us in some decision making, but then it wasn’t so bad. In 2014, I expect more progressive moves, in respect of our power supply, the political system and the state of the nation.


AKINSANYA OLAKUNLE – Jonathan’s performance in 2013 was actually not a good one. He made a lot of terrible decisions and those decisions are the reasons why we have stayed put in one position. I don’t think Nigeria progressed at all in 2013.

I expect more responsible decisions in 2014. Decisions that would move Nigeria forward and make it a better place for us all to live.


AKINLAWON RAYMOND – His leadership is so bad, he’s not helping the economy. We pray he makes the year a fruitful one for Nigerians as he has promised.


OLUFUNMIKE JOSHUA – He performed below average. In fact, he dashed all my expectations. I cannot point to one successful achievement. Corruption got worse, light got worse, terrorism was introduced, standard of education fell, social amenities. What else? Just think of all the calamities during his tenure.

I don’t want further disappointment. He should just finish his tenure and leave.


ISAAC OLUWAGBEMIGA – He had his entire three year tenure to fight for recognition and integration of his political party. He broke the record as the head of state with the largest entourage whenever on official and non official assignments outside the country.

I am not expecting anything from him. He performed below average for three years.


KABIRU ONITOLO – Jonathan and his cabinet did not impress me, from education to every other sector. They made more money into their pockets than giving us a better economy. I expect nothing from him in 2014. I just pray God gives us good leaders to turn around this country for good.


DIMEJI IFELAYO – I have blanked my mind towards him. I just pray and hope for a better Nigeria.


OLAWALE AKINTUNDE – In fact, his performance was even worse than the military. I’m not expecting anything from him because he has spent almost eight years and no change. So, what do you expect from such a person.

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