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Nigerians Set Agenda For Buhari In 2017

As 2016 is coming to an end, Nigerians have been counting their losses and blessings in the fateful year, vis-a-vis the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. While they’re also hoping that 2017 will bear the desired fruits if the president can work on certain aspects, including power supply, poverty eradication, security, employment and others.

A cross section of Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their view on their expectations from Buhari in 2017 charged the president to step up the game on all the issues aforementioned but much attention must be paid on poverty alleviation as hunger in the land is becoming unbearable.


‘Buhari should alleviate poverty’’ – CHIAMAKA DANIEL

There’s so much hunger in the land. The first thing Buhari should work on is poverty alleviation. He should try and eradicate poverty. People are suffering, especially in the east. If you visit the place, you will see a very old woman pushing truck for survival. Unlike in Lagos here, no life at all in the east right now. Buhari should visit the region to ascertain the level of poverty there and the deplorable state of the roads. Then, he should also make sure the price of fuel comes down. Then Nigerians need state electricity. In 2017, we need to feel the impact of his governance in all other areas as well. And his anti-corruption crusade is not being fully effective in the east. There’re lots of thieves among our governors there. He should look into the activities of the past governors, even the present ones. Apart from Orji Uzor Kalu, no other easterner has been caught in the web of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). I believe they’re many of them, he should just beam his search light, he will surely arrest more. We’re really suffering in the east. He has even abandoned us, may be because of the ongoing Biafra agitation. He just has to concentrate more on key issues in 2017.


‘Buhari should just redeem his image, period ‘ -MARY ALABA

Buhari’s administration has failed Nigerians in 2016. The only thing Buhari as a president can do is to redeem his already battered image by ensuring he starts delivering on his change promises. Nigerians are tired of flimsy excuses. We need to move forward. He should stop trading blame with the previous administration. He should concentrate on key issues, including power, education, security, employment, poverty alleviation, fuel and others. Enough of his anti-corruption crusade. We need to face the economy in 2017 before Nigerians revolt against his government. He should just redeem his image or resign, period. We can’t continue with this level of poverty.


‘We need stable electricity’  -EZEKIEL FATOLU

What I want Buhari to concentrate on in 2017 is just power supply. Nigerians need stable electricity, I believe with that all the small and medium scale enterprises will function very well. You can imagine how much people have spent so far this year powering their generators. It’s alarming. If that sector works and functions effectively, the economy will improve. Poverty will reduce and everybody will be okay. It’s after that, I think we can talk of employment for the roaming graduates and infrastructure development. Most of our roads are not motorable again. The state of the country’s infrastructure is in a total mess. Something serious has to be done.


‘He should revamp the economy in 2017’  -JAMES IJAOLA

Although, I won’t say all the blame should be shifted to Buhari’s corner as far as the present economic situation is concerned, he still needs to look inwards and see what to do to save the ugly situation as number one citizen of Nigeria. The ongoing recession has broken a lot of homes. There’s violence and crises everywhere in the country because of poverty. Many have lost their jobs because of the poor economy. A lot of children are out of school because of their parents’ inability to pay their school fees.  I believe the first thing on the agenda of Buhari in 2017 is to revamp the economy. Then, do more on the security challenge of the country. There must be safety of lives and property first before talking of economy and poverty alleviation. He also needs to work on the infrastructure for us to be in a perfect state in 2017.


‘He should wipe off hunger’  -IYABO AJAKAYE

As it’s rightly said, if the issue of hunger is sorted out man’s problem is half solved already. What I will advice President Mohammadu Buhari to concentrate on is eradication of hunger. People are suffering too much. Prices of goods keep skyrocketing on a daily basis. Christmas is approaching, we cannot see the signs. Everything is just dull. There’s no money. No average Nigerian can boast of quality food any more. There’s nothing like three-square meal again. Children are being starved, all in the name of change. Buhari should do everything in 2017 to tackle recession. We can’t continue like this. He should also give us stable light. Then, provide reasonable employment for the youths because an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.


‘I want total eradication of hunger ‘ -IBRAHIM ADAM

I am from the north, Adamawa to be precise. We’re yet to feel the impact of Buhari in the whole of the north, I tell you the truth. He hasn’t done anything at all. His administration brought hunger and he must find a way of eradicating it totally. Nigerians are tired of fake promises. If you have the opportunity of visiting the north, you will confirm that there’s no poverty in Lagos or in the south west at all. We’re really suffering in the north. That’s why you see a lot of our people trooping to Lagos to do a lot of menial jobs. Some are even perpetual beggars. We need total eradication of poverty by 2017. Buhari should just do something on the economy.


‘Buhari should work more on security and power supply’ – SALWAU  DANIYAN

I give it to Buhari on his performance on the security aspect of the country. But he still needs to work more on that because no matter how comfortable you’re, if your life is not secure, you can’t enjoy your affluence. Even, foreign investors will be scared of coming to the country. So, he needs to concentrate more on the security challenge in the country. As we all hear and read the activities of the Boko Haram terrorists everyday despite the fact that the Federal Government said they’ve been technically defeated. So, that means much still needs to be done. He just has to strengthen the country’s security in 2017. Also we need functional power supply. At least 18 good hours without a blink is not too much for us in this country. If these two aspects are faced squarely in 2017, there will surely be a change in everything.


‘Buhari needs to be more focused ‘ – JOEL ODIGIE

In 2017, I think Buhari needs to be more focused and concentrate on good governance, not politics of bitterness. His anti-corruption war should focus more on issues not persuasion. I will encourage him to work more on sanitizing this country of epidemic corruption that has been tormenting the country in the hands of our greedy politicians and other public office holders. If we can get rid of corruption and make governance less attractive, Nigeria will surely move forward in 2017. As we are now, the country is still at a standstill. The economy is grounding to a halt because of recession. I think he also needs to lift ban on some more products so that there can be relief in the land. Nigerians are not smiling at all. There’s hunger everywhere. 2017 must be a year with a difference.





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