Nigerians set agenda for Buhari

Following the declaration of former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s President-Elect, his compatriots identified areas he should concentrate on after his inauguration on May 29, 2015.

And here are their demands from the APC government…

‘Buhari should focus on power and corruption’ -HON. OKEY NWOGU

The task before the in-coming administration is quite enormous. Buhari should focus on power, the economy and anti-corruption. Once these are taken care of, Nigeria would change.

I congratulate the APC for their victory at the polls.

‘Buhari has to fight corruption and flush out Boko Haram’ -AUSTINO MILADO

Corruption is the bane of our country and I want the in-coming president (Muhammadu Buhari) to tackle this menace. He also needs to manage the economy better.

‘Job creation and fighting corruption should be Buhari’s focus’ -SHIRELY IGWE

First, I congratulate the APC candidate for winning the 2015 presidential election. And now that power has changed hands, the new administration should fight corruption, create jobs and strengthen national security.

‘Jonathan should be celebrated’ -EMEKA G. NWOSU

After a careful observation of the electoral process within these few days, I must submit that we have done well as a nation to ourselves and bearing in mind that we can’t achieve whatever goals we set to achieve, laying behind every ugly and dirty impression people may have of us.

However, I must commend our president, Goodluck Jonathan for his statesmanship in defying all odds to concede defeat and congratulate the president elect, General Muhammadu Buhari on his victory, even before he was declared the winner in the March 28, 2015 presidential election. In all political game, there’s always a price to pay and a cross to bear. That being the case, I humbly suggest that we as a people, endowed with so much resources both in human and nature, should embrace this selfless act of this rare gem.

Jonathan is a gentleman and a true sportsman. Like he rightly said, ‘Nobody’s political ambition is worth another person’s life.’ Let us celebrate President Jonathan for his achievements and welcome, accept and work with the president-elect, General Buhari to achieve excellence, as we owe it to posterity.

‘The election was free, fair, peaceful’ -BARRISTER VINE IKOKU

I think the March 28 presidential/National Assembly elections were largely free, fair and peaceful and credible. The conclusion and emergence of a winner is also good news. I pray the peace is sustained.

‘We welcome this change’ -VENERABLE ENYIOMA NWOSU

We welcome the change that has come our way, though it was expected. I think the people have spoken. The election was free and fair.

‘We want a better life’ -MR. JOSEPH AKPEZI

Change from all the wrong to doing things right. We want a country where Boko Haram would be wiped out, a prosperous country where better life is ensured.

‘I expect change in all ramifications with Buhari’ -MR. ITA BASSEY

I can’t really say or predict him but I expect change in all ramifications. I believe the country will improve, good governance and the prices of everything will go back to normal.

‘Let him do what is right’ -MR. JOHN OZZIDDI

I cannot read the new president’s heart, but let him do what is right, because we put him where he is. APC has been preaching change, so, let him change for good and for the benefit of the citizens.

‘He should redeem the hope of every common citizen’ -MR. CHRISTAIN ALOYSIUS

I am expecting change; end of corruption, transparency in awards of contracts in both federal and state governments. He should review our education policies to enable students get loans to pursue their educational dreams, instill discipline in every Nigerian and redeem the hope of every common citizen of this country in our judicial system.

I believe if he appoints sound and disciplined people around him, he will be able to achieve most of these things.

‘GMB should fight corruption’  -MISS TEMITOPE IDANELE

GMB should fight corruption at all levels. There should be no selective fight against corruption. We also need stable electricity supply.

‘We need peace’ -MOR NYAAY

Buhari is neither God nor a prophet. Nigeria needs to be kept in peace for Nigerians to live the true meaning of their creed. Problems can be dealt with, but step by step.

‘Buhari should explore rule of law’ -JOHNSON ANYA

Buhari should explore rule of law and every other thing will fall into place.

‘We want electricity and good roads’ -WILLIAMS SANDRA

We want electricity, good roads, other social amenities and above all, peace. If we must be honest with ourselves, this election stinks of ethno-religious sentiments, looking at where Buhari and Jonathan had their power votes. We need proper reconciliation, national unity.

‘It’s the time for us to be liberated’ -LOWO ADEGBENJO

I like the way INEC conducted the Saturday, March 28, presidential election. It was a very transparent process and all through, I pray the commission continues in that manner to give kudos to Jega and his men. The only aspect I will suggest they should improve on is the readiness of electoral materials as prompt as possible because majority of registered and accredited voters left their polling units angrily when the materials couldn’t arrive in time. Then, on Buhari’s victory, it’s just God’s intervention. I believe it’s the time for us to be liberated.

 ‘Our expectations from him are high’ -TAIWO SAKARIYAU

The elections, to me, were peaceful except with few areas in some parts of the country where there were issues which I think were later resolved. But as against the expectation on some quarters in Nigeria and even in some parts of the world that there would be outbreak of violence, God disappointed them. It’s a victory for democracy. Not only in Nigeria, but Africa as a continent. I salute Jega for his patience even when collation process was almost truncated by  (Elder Godsday) Orubebe.

Also, the maturity of President Jonathan in handling the defeat. In fact, to me, Jonathan is a hero. He even congratulated Buhari before the final announcement. However, on Buhari’s victory, it’s an anticipated thing. I personally congratulate him for the victory. But he shouldn’t see it as being a winner alone but see Jonathan and all other stakeholders as winners as well and must be ready to deliver because expectations are high from the Nigerians masses.

‘He should improve the economy’ -MOSES OLAIYA

All I want him to do is to tackle the issue of insurgency and improve the state of the economy.

‘He should make Nigeria a better place’ -TINUKEMI GILBERT

I want the president elect to move Nigeria forward, thereby tackling corruption at all levels and also to make a better place for us to live.

‘I want him to tackle unemployment’  -BABAJIDE TEMITOPE

I want him to tackle unemployment with immediate effect. I am sure there are so many youths out there with the same view with me. It is frustrating to go through school for so many years with huge amount of money and you sit at home because there is no job. This can make people go crazy.

‘He should tackle corruption’ -ABIBAT ASURAMU

He should make sure he tackles corruption at all levels not just sitting down in Aso Rock listening to instructions on how to rule the country. We wanted change and we have voted for him so he should not let us down.

‘All we want is employment’  -RUKAYAT OLOWO

What more can we want if not employment. If Buhari can reduce unemployment in Nigeria to a reasonable extent and goes the extra mile to bring back the missing Chibok girls, then he has won the heart of everyone.

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