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Nigerians set agenda for new ministers

Expectedly, expectations of Nigerians home and abroad about the newly appointed ministers are high. They all want key issues affecting the generality of Nigeria citizenry addressed. Some celebrities ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to also set agenda for the yet to be sworn-in cabinet members.


 Lawrence Onuzulike

Ten seems many. They just need a few right steps and they are on the right path. Let them assess how bad things are because based on what we all know, most ministries are in pretty bad shape. Based on the assessments, they should identify issues that require urgent attention and tackle them.

They must assert themselves. It should no longer be business as usual. They must inculcate discipline into their staffers. They must work hard to eliminate corruption.


MC Ice Water

It depends on the portfolio the minister would hold. But looking at the basics, the first thing for them to do is to get the handover note, they should hit the ground running.

I don’t think they should make their offices business as usual, no, that is not what is expected of them. They should get on track with the symbiotic relationship with other officials and people working under them. I think the body language of President Buhari has expired, light has gone back to what it used to be. They need to visit that sector again.

Another thing is forgetting fanfare. The money should be used for something meaningful. I also expect them to make use of the social media, especially minister of communication. They should listen to people’s opinion, get feedback about issues.

I also expect them to end bureaucracy. They should run an open door policy so that people with innovative ideas can walk in.


Julius Agwu, ace comedian

The focus of the in-coming ministers should be to work in the fear of God. I strongly believe if they have the fear of God, half of the job would be easier as that would be their guiding light in achieving greater results.

Also, it is pertinent for them to know that God placed them in leadership positions for a purpose. Aside reinventing our great nation, Nigeria; it is also a divine call to duty. So, this is not about religion, party, tribe, region or age; but a collective effort towards redeeming the lost glory of our beloved country and to lead us to a more united and better Nigeria.


Kikelomo Kuojo, actress

First, we need to appreciate the fact that Buhari has finally submitted the list of his ministers. What’s next now is to let them keep to their promises.

They all know where they should concentrate their attention. Nigerians, especially the poor, need good roads, stable electricity, free and qualitative education, uninterrupted supply of fuel at affordable price per litre, safety of lives and property across the country, etc.

Our problems are many, but we have hope that if all the newly appointed ministers can cooperate with President Buhari and the National Assembly, there will be a way forward before 2019.


Halima Abubakar, actress

I think they should focus on stabilising the economy, finding a lasting solution to our security issues. They should come up with policies that’ll create job opportunities for the masses, especially the young people. The youth unemployment rate is alarming.

As a youth ambassador, these are my top most requests. They should stop lying and trying to deceive us. We need them to be honest and transparent.


Biola Adebayo (Eyinoka)

I don’t think listing things they should do is the major issue, whatever each of them has promised to do, they should please, fulfill their promises. Government should particularly concentrate on security, power, works, education, etc. Whoever will be appointed in these areas should be trust worthy, should be able to deliver and accountable too.


Yinka Quadri, actor

Nigeria needs total concentration in all aspects. There is no aspect of Nigeria that doesn’t need total overhaul at the moment. But now that President Buhari has unveiled his ministers, things can now begin to have direction as far as governance is concerned.

First, I will want our ministers to face, collectively, security problem because if there is no peace in the land, nothing can thrive. On assuming office, they should ensure attention is paid to insurgency and wipe out Boko Haram. Then, they can now face the economy, infrastructure, health, education and the rest. And they should ensure the entertainment industry gets adequate attention in their budget.


Kolasoul, singer

I think the important thing is to focus on making sure that monetary allocations to each ministry for projects that will help the people are not spent on self serving things. They should have at the back of their minds that they are indeed accountable to the people. And anyone diverting public funds to other uses should be made to face the full wrath of the law.

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