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Nigerians slam Bisi Alimi’s for posting that children have no responsibility to their parents

Following gay rights  activist Bisi Alimi’s outburst on Facebook that children owe no responsibility to take care of their aged parent, loads of reactions are  already pouring  in from Nigerians who feel Bisi has said so much.

Here are some of the reactions…



I can’t make sense from his post , his argument is based on what. The Bible says thou shall honour thy father and mother so  that your days can be long. To honour your father and mother means taking care of them. How would you take care of them if you have no responsibility to them? If you fail to do that, what you have done to them shall be done to you in turn.



Bisi has nothing to offer, he should try and get a life. How can he talk  about parenting when he is not qualified to do so?



His ways are perverse, that is why I am not surprised he can say such a thing . Every child has the obligations to take  care of their parents according to what the Bible says: ” Thou shall honor thy father and mother so thy days might be long.” It means he must obey and take care of his parents .  It is obvious that he has no regards for his parents, that is why he is gay in the first place .



What should you expect from such man , how can he remember his parent when he cannot be one.



I am highly disappointed in such a person, what he wrote there shouldn’t cross any normal human being’s heart. He must be heartless.

Bisi Alimi, a gay rights  activist, took to his Facebook account and stated that nobody owes his parents the responsibility of taking care of them when they are old except the person is still living with them.

He further added that the children didn’t beg their parents to have sex , they wanted to have children , so it’s their choice. Children should not be their parents old age pension scheme.



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