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Nigerians speak on the proposed scraping of NYSC

Following the votes by the Senate for the removal of NYSC scheme from the constitution, Nigerians have supported this move.

 In an opinion poll conducted by, Nigerians said that the Senate should go ahead since the scheme has defeated the purpose of its establishment.

Here are some of their responses



The Senate will always take their decision based on facts and figures available to them. They might have seen cogent reasons for it. Looking at the resources, risk of life corp members go through, the delay for years before they are eventually posted. It is really a serious debate, if it is for the good of the nation, then I support it.



It is a sign that they are trying to play down on the purpose of the establishment of the scheme which is unity, cultural integration among Nigerians. Before doing that, l believe they should have sought the consent of Nigerians through referendum which boils down to the process of amending the constitution. It is not something to be done in a haste.



I support the move because the scheme is no longer fulfilling its purpose. One of the major reasons is to foster unity but the scheme is no longer doing that. Most especially when they gave corp members opportunity to chose states of their choice. I can’t allow my child to pick a Northern state because of insurgency. That has defeated the purpose of the scheme, why then waste life and properties on what does not profit? I am of the opinion that they should scrap it.



One of the policy that came up after the civil war was to integrate every citizen but we should ask ourselves, has that purpose been fulfilled? Looking at it, most Nigerians would see themselves as a particular tribe before they can see themselves as Nigerians, a Yoruba man would identify with his tribe before he can identify himself as a Nigeria which shows that the purpose of the scheme has been defeated so it is better to scrap it.




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