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Nigerians still go for ‘aso ebi’ despite recession

Aso ebi is a popular phenomenon when it comes to partying. Even with the economic distress the country is bathing, people still buy aso ebi. We sampled opinion of people to find out how often they buy aso ebi.



Do people still buy aso ebi for events?

People still buy aso ebi for events despite the ongoing economic recession, especially Yoruba indigenes who cannot do with attending parties every week.

When last did you buy one?

I bought twice last year.

What determines if you would buy or not?

What determines if I will buy or not is my relationship with the seller. That is, how close I am to the celebrant.



Yes, a lot of people still buy aso ebi.

I bought some weeks ago

The price, my relationship with the person and the quality of material the person is selling.



Yes I still buy aso ebi, people bought from me late last year.  It got to a point I had to stop selling.

Late last year.

Once I have the money. My relationship with the person is another factor.



The rate of buying aso sebi now has reduced. People are no longer buying as much as before.

I don’t even buy regularly again unless the one that is very important to me.

No money to be buying any aso ebi, i still have my children to cater for and other things that needs attention.



No, the rate of buying any aso ebi has now reduced.

I have even reduced the way I used to buy it as well. I have not bought in the last one year.

Money determines if I would buy or not. I am still managing to feed, I can’t use the small amount I have to buy any aso ebi.



Yes, people still buy aso ebi.

I used to buy it, I even got one last week Saturday.

Money most importantly determines, if there is money I will buy.



Yes, people still buy aso ebi but not like before.

I bought one about two weeks ago and the wedding is next week

Nothing in particular, just to show I am happy and rejoicing with the celebrant.



Yes, aso ebi is still in vogue, people still buy it, even in this recession. However, some are fond of owing, they make part payment and would not pay the remaining.

I bought one late last year.

If I have money, if the person is close to me and if the fabric is of a good quality.



People still buy aso ebi but not as much as before.  I hardly buy though.

I bought in December last year.

I buy just to show support, that is if I have money.



People still buy aso ebi , celebrants don’t choose expensive clothes so that people can afford it.

Last year.

Money and quality of the fabric.



Yes, people still buy.

Last year September.

What determines my buying is if the person is very important in my life. If not, whether or not family members I won’t buy.



Yes, I still buy, people around me also buy.

October last year.

My closeness to the person.




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