Nigerians suggest how to deal with Boko Haram

With thousands slaughtered by insurgents in the northern part of the country, Nigerians have been offering solution to the spate of violence and senseless killings. Here are some of their suggestions…



I think what the government should do is to stop corruption first, and then pay the military very well so they can be willing to work hard.

What is responsible for this is that people are very poor. Some can’t even afford their daily meals. The government should make the citizens comfortable and give them some financial assistance monthly.


The citizenry should pray very hard because the problem facing this country is not ordinary. We just need God’s intervention. The government should also stop corruption, provide good arms for the military, so they can confront these rascals decisively.

Poverty is basically the cause. Government is converting people’s resources to their personal wealth. The government should work for the people and not for their selfish interests.


They should not relent in their effort. Boko Haram members are not more than the Nigerian army in number, so why can’t they stop them? It shows incompetence on the side of the security forces.


Boko Haram has always been touted to be an Islamic fundamentalist militant group that is waging war against western education and favouring a sharia system of government in the northern part of Nigeria. But in reality, they are just the puppets of some disgruntled and disaffected individuals in the north, who lost out in the power equation and are trying by all means to bring power back to the north.

Against that backdrop, it would be almost impossible for the federal government to root them out completely not until the political power is returned to the north. Having said that, I believe the best strategy now is engaging them ceaselessly with heavier military might, at least to stem the tide. Besides, the military needs to do more on intelligence gathering as they can’t win the war without the cooperation of the natives.

There should be stiffer laws against terrorism. I don’t think negotiating with them would lead to the end fo the whole issue. That will even make them bolder.


What they should have done from the beginning is for the Presidency to give the military a definite guideline in carrying out their duties. We have the airforce, army and navy. They can support the foot army. The government should stop talking and act. Everyday people die because of government’s inability to act. Nobody deserves to die.


The menace of Boko Haram is giving the nation serious concern. A situation where insurgents slaughter innocent Nigerians is no longer acceptable.

What government has to do is to declare total war in areas the insurgents have taken over. The state of emergency in the affected states also has to be reviewed.


The federal government and security agents have been over powered by Boko Haram. Hundreds of lives have been lost so far.

I think the federal government needs to restrategize to chase the insurgents out of the country. More troops should be deployed to the north east. And if necessary Nigeria should seek the support of the west to tackle Boko Haram.


Yes, it’s getting out of hand because what we are seeing is political Boko Haram. Some people said they will make the country ungovernable. They are really working at it.

The government should continue to strengthen the armed forces in terms of intelligence gathering and to unmask the sponsors and the powerful forces behind the wave of attacks.


I think it’s getting out of hand really. It seems the government is clueless as to how to deal with the issue. It has certainly showed that the government is not on top of the situation. My sympathy goes to women and children who have been the biggest victims of the crisis.

I think the government has lost the battle military wise and the solution lies in going back to the negotiating table. The government in doing this must incorporate the community leaders. They should try to negotiate peace with the sect through the local chiefs and community leaders. These people are not spirits. They are human beings and they live among human beings. Our emphasis should be less on force because force has failed us.


First, Boko Haram should not be mistaken for Islamic sect again. They are only hiding under the umbrella of religion to perpetrate their evil act.

I believe they have a hidden agenda. Left to me, I don’t believe in any negotiation because they are faceless. The only solution is that the federal government should strengthen security at the borders. I think it’s because our borders are too porous, that’s why they bring in all sorts of weapons to destroy innocent citizens, even the military. So, what are we saying?


Boko Haram insurgence is now a daily activity in Nigeria, which explains the level of insecurity in the country. I think the best approach is to declare a total war against the insurgents. There should be heavy presence of the military and even if possible government should seek assistance from other countries before the situation degenerates into a civil war.

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