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Nigerians suggest N40,000 minimum wage

The issue of the appropriate minimum wage has for a long time on the minds of Nigerians, especially the workers. Though, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has been fighting for a minimum wage of N56,000 minimum wage, the federal government is yet to make official pronouncement on whether it is ready to pay such amount.

Meanwhile, according to a social media post, Nigeria is the country with the least minimum wage (N18,000) all over the world. Whereas, our lawmakers are said to be earning about N29 million  per month

However, sampled the opinions of Nigerians on how much should be the minimum wage of workers in the country. 


Below are their responses.


Elias Adagunduro 

NLC had already proposed N56,000, but for my me I will say the present minimum wage multiplied by two.


Agbeleye Olayinka

At least they should be collecting N40,000 per month. But truly the money is not enough, it can still be managed if it can be increased.


Bale Tosin 

The minimum wage should be at least N45,000 per month .


Jerola Tolulope

It should be N50,000 per month, even that N50,000 cannot reach anything because if you look at Nigeria now, things are still not okay and expenses are  getting high. So government should find solution to this salary of a thing.


Afolabi Folarin

The minimum wage paid to any worker in this country should be N40,000. That is the least I think anybody should earn as a worker in this country because things are just too hard. The N18,000 is way too small.


Aduba Alice

If it is possible, I would propose N70,000 because of the situation of the country. I even wonder how those earning the N18,000 are coping in this recession. What can one buy with such meagre amount?


Jubril Ayub

The minimum wage in Nigeria should not be less than N50,000, if only the government is good. The government knows  it too. How can anyone sustain himself with the current minimum wage at this point in time? The government should review it.


Solomon Wisdom

The least I think a worker should earn in this country, at this moment, is N45,000. It can be more than that but should not be less than it. With the inflated price of all the commodities, workers’ salaries should be increased.


Aderemi Yemisi

I will suggest N40,000. At least, that could be managed compared to the current minimum wage. If the minimum wage is increased to N40,000 , it will further ease the troubles of the workers.



The list below shows the minimum wages earned by workers in different countries of the world.


Country                               Minimum wage

  1. Nigeria                             $45 (N18,000)
  2. Algeria                             $175 (N70,000)
  3. Belgium                           $1,738 (N695,200)
  4. Cameroon                      $75 (N30,000)
  5. Chad                                 $120 (N48,000)
  6. Denmark                        $1,820 (N728,000)
  7. Libya                                $430 (N172,000)
  8. Japan                               $1,000 (N400,000)
  9. Cote d’voire                  $72 (N50,000)
  10. New Zealand                $3,187 (N1,274,800)
  11. Luxemburg                   $2,500 (N1,000,000)
  12. Spain                               $760 (N304,000)
  13. Swaziland                      $5,620 (N2,248,000)
  14. USA                                 $11 per hour (N4,400)



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