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Nigerians support Buhari’s second medical vacation abroad

-He really deserves it’, they chorus
On Sunday, May 7, 2017, President Muhammad Buhari jetted out of Nigeria again for medical vacation in the  United Kingdom. His departure from the country has since been generating reactions from different quarters. While some supported the idea, few others opined he should instead resign and hand over to his vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.
However, a cross section of Nigerians sought their opinion backed Buhari’s second medical trip abroad. They added it will avail the number 1 citizen the opportunity to take good care of himself.
‘There is nothing wrong in it’ – EMMANUEL NNANA
I support it. The man really needs it. There is nothing wrong in him taking good care of himself instead of dying for nothing on the seat. It’s not worth it. After all, he has an able vice who can hold power on his behalf. Both of them can be communicating on phone if there is any critical decision to take. It doesn’t cost them anything. Had it been we have all the required facilities that can handle that kind of health condition, it shouldn’t have been necessary for him to travel abroad at all. But it’s very necessary he does that because it’ s obvious the man is really sick.
‘He deserves it’ – Williams Kehinde
I think Buhari deserves it. He doesn’t have a choice than to go back to UK to continue his treatment. He shouldn’t even listen to unnecessary criticism or distraction from any quarter. He should remain there until he is certified fit. To me, his health should come first before every other thing.
‘Buhari really needs rest’ – RAUF DAUD
“Jokes apart, the man really needs rest. I support his second term medical vacation abroad. Now that he has gone to the UK, he should remain there till he is back on his feet.  He can even be ruling from there with Osinbajo making physical appearance where the president’s presence is needed.
‘Buhari shouldn’t joke with his health’ – MARY OSIGWE
He shouldn’t have come back that time he came back to Nigeria after the first medical trip. There is nothing compared to one’s health. I won’t advise Buhari to joke with his health at all because no matter how old he is, his family still needs him. So, I support his second medical trip abroad. That will give him the opportunity to really take care of himself.

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