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Nigerians support Prof. Oluwole’s juju oath of office for political office holders


It might sound awkward but Nigerians are in support of what Professor Sophie Oluwole recently said in a radio show where she advised the Federal Government that political office holders should be sworn in with Juju. sampled opinions of Nigerians on their take about this suggestion.



Let us try it once and see. We have tried the holy Bible and Qur’an but it seems looters have developed a thick skin. Maybe they would change. If they don’t change, that means there is serious problem and we have to look for other means to eradicate corruption in our system.



I don’t believe in it, so I wouldn’t support such a claim. How would people not fear God and you have to use Sango or Ogun to threaten them.



I think it is a good suggestion. It will serve as a threat to political office holders. Africans believe in deity, it will also expose those pretending to be Christians and Muslims.



I believe in the bible and its efficacy. Those who don’t believe in the bible and Koran should go ahead and swear with the traditional gods they believe in.



It is so unfortunate that people don’t have respect for God because they can’t see Him.  I wouldn’t say they should swear officers in with any deity, unless they believe in such deity.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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