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Nigerians support the Senate, Customs boss must show up

Nigerians are behind the Senate, insisting that the boss of Customs, Col. Ahmed Ali (rtd), must appear tomorrow (Wednesday, March 15) at the Upper Chamber to explain why motorists must show papers on the road that duty was paid on their vehicles.

Many compatriots insist that he must also appear in uniform as earlier directed.
Here are some views on the topical issue…

Anonymous :

this is the most stupid statement i have heard a grown man say. so do the police do the work or the uniform. so all the people working in custom and wearing the uniform are fools


anonymous :

As a custom officer you need to always put on your uniform while at work, have you seen a army officer without uniform? Well the man has retired before Buhari brought him back so I guess old age is another thing he is suffering from just like our president. Buhari said youth is behind him and military experience is behind him. We need those who are physically and fit and mentally sound to paddle the canoe of this country. God help us all



The Nigerian Senate is a comic house. They alone constitute the problem of Nigeria.



Anonymous :

Ali you must wear your uniform and come on the 15th. We are waiting for you in the upper chamber. Don’t come with your uniform and see if you will still be the CGC.


Anonymous :

I hope senate can deal with him and kick him out of office. If you suspect a house with contraband,you must get a search warrant for you to be able to enter that house.


Anonymous :

Nigeria Senate don’t know there job wat is there business with d man putting on uniform, don’t there know u can’t put on uniform two times, fools


Anonymous :

Arrogant Fulani man if you can’t wear uniform then quit, are you more than hannanaya of FRSC ?we are waiting whether Senate will allow your stubborn, even the wife is a bitch when she was in fgc Kaduna went and locked up PTA chairman Because he did not allow her to steal PTA money


Tee :

He’s simply doing his job and stepping on these corrupt leaders toes. So they want to get rid of him.


Anonymous :

Once u have the president ‘s backup, u are in charge and can do as u please. Nigerians, welcome to CHANGE.


petmudi :

this ali’s reply is so haramic in nature , his appointment should be terminated.

10 March 2017 at 17:59


Anonymous :

Senate should educate him that Neither was he appointed to make senseless policies


Anonymous :

What do you expect from him other than arrogance and impunity? It is in their blood and marrow. I bet you he will not respond to that invitation.


chemmywalata walata :

Oga boss hameed but u are not above the law to wear uniform
Anonymous :

Hameed Ali remains the best thing to have happened to the Nigerian customs in recent years. We should celebrate him instead of bashing him for not wearing a damn uniform.


Onah Caleb :

The man get mind o..


lami :

Mtchewww, the senate should stop being petty.


Anonymous :

The senate are set of rogues making life difficult for common man… Pls be aware that we should start making thing on our own why imported goods.. they are all armed robbers basic and the is trying to sanitize the system yet they are complaining about uniform …..Ali we are behind u …No to uniform


Anonymous :

What’s is wrong with the uniform


Anonymous :

Rubbish,it’s just like the IG saying he won’t wear police uniform


sholetoga :

This man is just too arrogant…..He better receive sense because this his vehicle custom clearance paper must not fly…….mofo


giftyechi :

He should wear the uniform who the hail does he think he is


Chidi Ottahchidi :

We know them . By their fruit. Curruption fighting back


kolawole akindele said…

Pls criticise constrictively,number 1 d man in question is retired uniform man so I see no reason why the re asked him to put on uniform. And pls let’s get dis right, the constitution allows d the president to choose who ever he pleases with to head the custom service. And dis man is doing a perfect job. Even if at all he made a policy dat doesn’t suit dem let dem invite him and not castigate himm


Anonymous :

to me the issue sef no be even the uniform matter.
if the customs are doing their work very well, how will smugglers succeed? how can the customs now turn around and ask us to verify if duty was paid on our cars, that we have been driving for years? or going to raid shops that sell “smuggled items? in other words, the ordinary people are being made to pay for the inadequacy/negligence of the customs. he should rather employ more hands, make sure the scanning machines at all the ports and land borders work, and general make customs more efficient. what is the point of this witch hunt mission he is going on? imagine if you innocently bought a car from a car dealer 5 years ago, and managing yourself with that car, then customs will come from nowhere and come and seize the car!!!!!! was the car invisible when it was driven out of the Port or the border? why didnt they impound it then?
me, i support the Senate on this.


Edoh Okoh :

Let’s not allow d senate or politicians fool us. U don’t expect someone who didn’t walk up d ladder of an organization to wear its uniform. R we saying dat anyone appointed to head any paramilitary even wen he or she isn’t their staff should wear d uniform


Eze-Udemba Zuma :

As a retired Army Officer this appointed Comptroller General of Customs should know that protocol requires him to be properly dressed to reflect his status when appearing before his superiors. The Senate is part of the Third Arm of the Government of Nigeria that appropriates funds for the Customs. A mere appointee of the Executive Arm of Government must not bandy words with his masters in the Senate. He must be properly dressed in his uniform to appear before them because he who pays the piper dictates the tune.


Dave Adeniji :

All these grand standing will do him no good. I have never been a supporter of this Senate but I stand with them on this. It beats logic upside down. Who cleared the cars? How does it get registered ? Let there be end to all these actors and actresses. What is the big deal about wearing uniform as a retired Lieutenant Col wearing Comptroller General Custom uniform which is more prestigious ?




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