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Nigerians talk about Jonathan’s claim of being broke

Youth leader of Peoples Democratic Party, Deji Adeyanyu, claimed that the former president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is broke, and shock overtook the land. sampled opinions of Nigerians if actually the man under whose nose we were stolen blind could be broke.


Afolayan Daniel

It is not possible. How come? When his wife has billions of naira in her account. If truly he is broke, let him borrow from his wife. But I don’t believe that he is broke.


Ijaduade Hammed

It is highly possible and not impossible. But for me, the former president cannot be broke.


Ige Taiwo

I am not sure of that. But if such a thing happens, which means it has been written by the will of God because what so ever that happens to man, is God’s design.

But I just wonder that such a thing cannot be true. May be they are just using that to protect Jonathan against EFCC, so that they would not investigate him. May be he has money that he stole and don’t want them to know.


Olopade Olawale

As a man of honour in Nigeria, it is not possible for him to be broke.

Ordinary honourables are not broke, at least, we heard about how EFCC saw money from their house. So it is not possible for our former president to tell us that he is broke. We cannot believe that. It’s a lie.


Ajetunmobi Damilola

I doubt it, it can’t happen. Even Obasanjo cannot say he is broke, not to talk of the recent former president. No, it is not possible.


Lawal Olamilekan

He may be broke because some of our corrupt leaders returned some money to the Federal government secretly. More so, he is the national leader of PDP and he’s also among the people sponsoring the party.


Jamiu Nimotalai

I can’t really say. Nigeria is also broke but for him to say he is broke he may not have money like before. There is no single person who will not be affected by this recession of a thing. So I cannot say it is not true and I can’t say it a lie.


Shidimu Shola

Yes. The reason for saying yes is because he was a figure head president. So to me it’s possible. Moreover, the money spent on the last election was much. He could not recoup it back since he didn’t win. With that, he might be broke.


Olofinyokun Abdufatahi

They are not serious. How could he say he is broke? Did he think we can believe that? But the thing is that if he is facing God’s judgment, he can be broke then.


Oladapo Kehinde

It is not possible for our ex-president to be broke. At least, he is collecting pension.


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