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Nigerians vote for technocrats as ministers (2)

President Muhammadu Buhari has been keeping Nigerians in suspense over his ministerial list and this has been a subject of national discourse since he assumed office on Friday, May 29, 2015.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this gave their opinions on the kind of ministers Nigeria needs at the moment, whether technocrats or politicians.



Ministers that are ready to work, ready to change things for the better in our country. Labour and productivity is very important because Nigerian youths need jobs.

Technocrats should be more because they believe in hard work and facing their duties unlike our politician who are going there for their pocket’s sake.



A minister who has the heart and zeal to help the masses. Not the regular type who comes in for selfish purpose.  I would want ministers with the same drive, love for the nation, and zeal like our president, President Mohammed Buhari

My ministries of special interest are Education, Power, Finance and proper renovation/adjustment in the Oil & Gas sector. They should be more of technocrats.



We expect people of high experience that are proven to do the work. He should work with incorruptible people that are focused and who have vision.

Finance, Power, Aviation, Health and Education. More of technocrats. Politicians will play to the gallery, we want dynamic people that can do the work.



In a heartbeat, technocrats would be my pick! As change agents which Buhari and APC proclaim to be, we need to see a change in the makeup of the cabinet. To be honest, Jonathan tried in finding a balance between experts and politicians, but the politicians and their selfish interests ultimately ruined his government. I would advise that the politicians saddle the less sensitive and influential ministries and offices. On top of that, they should be properly checked.



I know the obvious choice would be technocrats because they are experts, they have ideas and all, right? But don’t forget that some people worked, strategized and invested to see that this administration is where it is today, what becomes of these people?

Besides that, politicians are not empty hands, though they are politicians, they are also experts and experienced in one field or the other. Some are law graduates, some are successful business people. They are entirely useless, frankly speaking! Buhari should just pick the best and the most honest of them that he can work with and will deliver.



I don’t think we should even be discussing such things! Why would someone prefer a politician to an expert?  It doesn’t make sense! Clearly, technocrats are the reason the developed countries are where they are and they are moving forward, making giant strides. Technocrats will bring fresh ideas that if implemented will change a lot of things and improve the lives of people a lot. Politicians have plunged us into poverty, they should be nowhere near the cabinet.



For Nigeria to more forward, we need a honest team this time around. We don’t need a set of corrupt people to be appointed ministers anymore in this country.

If Buhari is honest, he must also be surrounded with quality and honest hands. They should not see their portfolio as opportunities to steal Nigeria blind. Although, he may not get 100 percent saints as cabinet members, at least they must be near perfection.

We can’t afford to fail again. All the ministries should be handled by competent hands, whether politicians or technocrats.



I am a politician myself but I will prefer to see more technocrats in Buhari’s cabinets than politicians. Buhari himself is not a core politician, he is more of a tactician than politicians. He doesn’t need many politicians in his cabinet so that they won’t twist things right in his very eyes.

Nigeria needs God fearing people to work as ministers in this administration. That’s the only way forward. Apart from that, nothing can take us to the promise land.



The kind of ministers I expect in Buhari’s cabinet are those that will have the love of Nigerians at heart, especially the poor. They should all be God fearing and dedicated to the service of their fatherland. Not those whose target is to loot our treasury just like as it happened during the administration of former president Goodluck Jonathan. The change we all voted for must reflect in the constitution of his cabinet.

I think we need more of technocrats than politicians because almost half of Nigerian politicians can’t be trusted.



President Muhammadu Buhari has kept us in suspense for quite long. So, Nigerians don’t expect nothing less than the best hands under the heaven. But at the end of the day, the story is still the same, that means Nigeria’s destiny is not likely to change in the hands of his administration as expected by a lot of Nigerians.

We need brilliant and honest hands to work with Buhari whether they are politicians or technocrats. And all the ministers are paramount to the development of the country. So, he should pay equal attention to all of them.

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