Nigerians want minimum wage increased!

The minimum wage of workers which is N18,000, has generated a lot of controversies from Nigerians. With the situation of things in the country, many think there should be an increment in the wages of workers.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the views of some Nigerians on how much should be the minimum wage of workers…



The wage of a worker is determined by the kind of certificate the worker has. The minimum wage for now is N18,000. To be candid, I do not think it should be increased since those collecting that amount are mostly SSCE holders. For me, it’s okay.



The minimum wage is too small for the kind of economy we have now. It should be increased to N40,000.



I think there is need for increment in the minimum wage. With the situation of things in the country now, before you pay rent, electricity bills, transport, feed yourself and your family the money is gone. Imagine someone being paid N18,000 and he transports himself to work with N300 daily. What will he be left with at the end of the month? It should be increased to at least N25,000.



The minimum wage is not ncreased to N35,000.

enough for an average Nigerian to keep body and soul together. It should be increased to N35,000.



I think the minimum wage should be N30,000, instead of the current N18,000. That amount is too small for someone to use all through the month. Even as little as it is, they still don’t get paid on time.



The minimum wage is too small. We spend more on transport and feeding every month. People are managing it because they don’t have a choice. If they can increase it to N25,000 or N30,000, that will be okay.



It should be increased to N25,000 because N18,000 is too small. People actually spend more than the minimum wage before the month ends.



It’s too small. How would you cope with N18,000?  By the time you remove transport fare and feeding, the money is gone. I think it should be increased to N25,000.



It is not enough at all because by the time you pay your bills, the money would have finished. The minimum wage should be increased to N30,000.


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