Nigerians want operators of Ibadan horror hideout arrested and punished

Human abattoir was discovered around Soka area of Ibadan, Oyo State a week ago and those who visited the site were appalled by the sight of human corpses, people that have died in the hands of the ritualists.

Days later, more corpses were discovered. A cross section of Nigerians have spoken to condemn this barbaric act just as those we spoke to in this series, they want perpetrators to be fished out and punished without any delay.


It is a pathetic story but we should thank God that it was discovered. I will blame it on security lapses, not only on the part of government but the citizens as well. I don’t think you should hate your neighbour to the extent of pushing that person to his or her death.

We shouldn’t just be blaming the government alone, we should also be responsible citizens as well. They should kill them, most especially the sponsors.


It is a good thing that such a place was discovered. Thank God, ritual killing will reduce. I think, I will also blame it on the leadership of that kingdom and people living in the neighbourhood. I will blame the citizens also. We are responsible for the security of our community, we shouldn’t because of the peanut we will get give out human beings to be slaughtered like rams. They should treat them the same way their captives were treated.


This is how bad our people can be, we no longer fear God. May God expose all those behind this barbaric, inhuman and heartless act.


This is the result of joblessness, many people now want quick money at all costs. The government should do something about it, those faceless people behind kidnapping and there sponsors would never rest. They shall be caught and exposed by the grace of God.


I cannot believe such a thing still exists in this modern era; when developed countries are busy with inventions we are here killing fellow human beings for rituals. Funny enough, people always pass through that place at night without any idea such practices were going on there. It was reported that one cobbler was arrested for possession of human parts in his shop in that area, but nothing was done to it.


What happened in Ibadan is sad. It means that evil men are at work in Nigeria. I think law enforcement agents should proctect lives by doing their job. This way, we should be able to uncover hideouts of more evil men.


The people behind the Ibadan horror hideout must be arrested and tried. This is evil and I’m still in shock.


I feel Nigerians are sleeping because that place has been in existence for years, why is it now that they are just raising the alarm about it.

This has nothing to do with security lapses. The major thing is that Nigerians are not vigilant and no one is ready to talk so they won’t get caught. Security is part of the society and once the society is asleep, automatically the security is also asleep. There are enough laws judging cases like this one but will the court judge them accordingly?


I feel it is distressing. People are very wicked, using their fellow human beings for rituals. It is sad. Our security operatives should be blamed for not carrying out their duty because security in this country is paramount.

They must not go unpunished. Anyone found guilty should be prosecuted to teach others a big lesson.






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