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A human abattoir was discovered around Soka area of Ibadan, Oyo State weeks ago and those who visited the site were appalled by the sight of corpses, people that have died in the hands of the ritualists.
Days later, more corpses were discovered. A cross section of Nigerians have spoken to condemn this barbaric act just as those we spoke to in this series, want perpetrators to be fished out and punished without any delay.


‘It is one of the signs of end time’


It is one of the signs of end time as written in the Holy Book – Bible. I don’t think a sane human being would kill his fellow being for rituals, government should fish out those behind these horror sites.
The only security that is certain and sure is the security of God and our own vigilance. Government should first identify those behind it through intelligence gathering, arrest and prosecute them no matter how influential they may be.

‘We have lost our values in Nigeria’


We have lost our values in Nigeria, people are now looking for wealth anyhow even through ritual killings. This is a sign that nobody is safe. How can such horror sites operate without the knowledge of our security operatives? Like I said, Nigerians are not safe, all we need to do is be vigilant and watch places we go.
Government should punish those behind it


‘It is horrible’


It is horrible. I saw the horrifying pictures and I couldn’t eat. May God deliver us from the hands of the wicked.
I think God is our security in this country. The government has failed us woefully in that regard.
It depends on how serious the government is to tackle it. I believe the intelligence should be upped. They should wake up to their responsibilities and tackle this before it gets out of hand.

‘Nobody is safe’


It is still shocking because I find it difficult to understand why people can be so desperate. I say desperate because that’s the only reason I feel people can go to the extent of killing their fellow human beings to get rich. It is sad.
Nobody is safe. I think we’re all vulnerable so, we have to be very careful. I don’t think we should wait for government because apparently, some of these politicians are involved. We, as citizens, should be watchful and take the issue of our security into our own hands.

‘Human beings don’t fear God anymore’


I feel so unhappy about his. And the fact that human beings don’t fear God anymore, all for the love of money and power. No Nigerian is safe. We just hope and pray that none of this unfriendly occurrences gets near us.
The only solution is to deploy well equipped security operatives to all the states in Nigeria.

‘We are all exposed to danger’


Of couse, I feel very bad about it, and it is apparent that the end time is near. Nigerians are not safe a bit. We are all exposed to danger. We need God’s intervention, and after this, each state government should provide enough security.

‘There should also be state police’


It’s a sad thing that at this age, people are still involved in this kind of a thing. I think the chairman of every local government and the councillors should be charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives of their people. It’s not everything we blame the federal government.
I am from Imo State, I can still remember when such a thing happened in Abia. Governor Orji Kalu combed everywhere to fish out the perpetrators of the evil act. Every governor should emulate that. The local vigilante groups should be in charge of security in their respective areas because they are the ones close to the people.
There should also be state police if we want good security in the country. I don’t think the federal police alone can do everything.
Now, everybody is afraid, kidnappers are on rampage, keeping people to ritual homes. It’s sad. We need serious prayer for the country.

‘We still need to thank God that their dens are being exposed’


To me, the discovery of more horror sites should be considered a blessing to us all. The reason is that if those evil places were not discovered, more lives will continue to be wasted in the hands of the operators of the evil camps.
Although it’s very bad, wicked and barbaric for some people to deem it fit to be killing their fellow human beings for ritual because of money or acquisition of power and position, we still need to thank God that their dens are being exposed. Now, everybody is afraid of travelling to another state or even within the same state. I am of the opinion that whosever is found wanting should be dealt with according to the law. There should be no mercy for the merciless.

‘It is a worrisome development’


It is a worrisome development. I never knew things like this happen in this country. I don’t think Nigeria is safe anymore. Government and security agencies have to do their job.

‘Nigeria is still very much safe despite these ugly development’


I also suspect there are more horror sites than you can imagine in Nigeria. Nigeria is still very much safe despite these ugly development. The police and the DSS should deploy their men to all states of the federation.

‘Our government is handicapped’


I think it is a positive development, ‎​I believe more sites will be discovered soon. It is only God that protects. Our government is handicapped when it comes to that aspect. Look at the way they have been killing people ‎​​​in Borno. Must the government wait until lives are wasted before they do anything positive for their citizens.

‘Our government is waking up gradually’


We thank God that our government is waking up gradually. It is a ‎​good development. Our safety is ‎​​​in the hands of God. Our government has failed in that aspect. People are dying daily, they really need to work on the security of the country.

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