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Nigerians wary as minister announces exportating yam

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh has said the country will export 72 tonnes of yam to Europe and America on June 29.

Nigerians are wary of the plan…


Agunbiade Demola

It’s not a bad idea, I think they should export cassava instead of yam because more people are in to cassava farming than yam. But it is very good because it will help the rate of the unemployed in the country.


Joseph Omolara

It is a good thing but have the minister of Agriculture go round the country to find out if we have enough yam in the country because in this Lagos and some other states there is no much yam. But it is okay.


Obina Christiana

It’s a good development, I am happy about it. Kudos to Audu Ogbeh, he should do more but he should also ensure we have enough yam in the country before circulating to other countries.


Olurundare  Halimot

That is left for them, the fact is that yam is too expensive here, we’re left with no option but to buy them. I just pray they should make more profit in return so we can feel the effect but they should make sure, the ones here are sufficient enough before exporting to the said Europe and USA.


James Agbo

The matter on ground is not exportation of yam, because we don’t not even have enough of yam here in our country. If it can be done that we are buying yam in cheap rate and is not expensive like this then we can

say, we have enough yam to export.


Asejere Toheeb

Before we start export of yam, do we have enough yam in the country? But do you know we exported rice in this country this year. Where does he want to see the yam that he will export. But anyway, if it will help the

country is good.


Aturamu Itunu

Is that the next thing to do, when yam is expensive and to even buy it is hard. Please, tell me if they export it will it reduce the price we buy? I mean, is it going to be cheap?


Dorodola Gabriel

We don’t even have yam in the country, we are still complaining about the high cost of yam but now that they want to start exporting yam. The yam will now be more expensive. Instead of them to make way for us to get yams at a cheaper rate and make the yam enough for us to eat before starting the exportation.

It’s a common sense of thinking.




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