Nigerians Weep Over Epileptic Power Supply

The incessant shortage of electricity supply by Discos is becoming a headache for Nigerians. Coupled with the fact that the country has not recovered from scarcity of fuel, it is becoming worrisome that many Nigerians spend sleepless nights as a result of heat. Most people are helpless because the alternative source of power supply is no more available, as a result of scarcity in fuel. sampled opinions of Nigerians about the worsening state of electricity in the nation…


MRS. ADEPOJU – People are not patronizing us because there is no power supply and there is fuel scarcity. My goods are getting spoilt; government should please find solution to this menace.


MR. FADADUNSI – This power failure has become too much in this country. We have been suffering; we can’t do anything without light. It is the most important thing in this country. DISCOS should come to our rescue.


MRS. BOLU – People say the Ikeja Electricity workers are on strike but we don’t know, even when they are not on strike we cannot feel it because they fluctuate the light anyhow. At times we won’t see light for complete two days and sometimes total blackout. We are losing, productivity is being affected.


MR. GODWIN – I don’t even know what to do; this country is not heading forward. We want change but the change is not coming.


MRS. AJAYI – I don’t have what to say, but will Nigeria still be living in the dark? It’s from the government; they should proffer solutions because light brings happiness while darkness brings sadness.


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