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Nigerians willing to buy fuel at N130 if queues disappear

Following speculations that the Federal Government was set for partial deregulation of the downstream oil sector, a move which could see the official price of petrol jump to N130 per liter, Nigerians are currently having their say.

While many supporters of the former president Goodluck Jonathan are criticising the move, arguing that Nigerians frustrated his attempt to do so in 2012, others do not mind as far as the product will be available.


FxMallam – The economic evidence for deregulation is strong. In the long run, it will boost the refining of crude oil in Nigeria. In the short term, many Nigerians can’t find fuel and are happy to pay N130 if and when they find it. It is certainly a move that will allow the government to reallocate resources. This should have been done in 2012 when GEJ wanted to. But as they say, the rest is history


Funkyibodude – All thanks to zombies who sold us out to this directionless government


kolnel – As long as the fuel queue disappears. It’s ok


caprini1 – Not new……I’ve been buying for 130 and above for over two months and bought just about thrice for 86.50


greatgod2012 – I’m watching! Are Nigerians just going to accept this easily or they are demonstrating just like they did during GEJ time? I’m watching!


BakireBulmaker – If this sails through, then NLC and TUC must tender an unreserved heartfelt apology to GEJ.

Those 2 unions set Nigeria back by at least 4 years. Had GEJ been successfully allowed to remove subsidy in early 2012, by now, we’d have started reaping the benefits though there would have been initial pain. By now, private refineries would have sprung up here and there and in fact, filling stations will almost advertise their new low pump price on TV/radio to attract customers. Of course, there several thousand jobs would have been created alongside.

Has anyone observed that telcos are almost the only companies that have reduced their tariffs by introducing mouth-watering incentives anytime you recharge rather than increase them in this harsh economic times?

The reason is simple – there is a stiff, bitter competition for survival in the market. Now imagine if it were only NITEL running the show.

I wanted to say ‘e no go beta for NLC and TUC of 2012’ but its too early in the morning. All the same, GEJ deserves knocks for giving in at the time. I dont see PMB giving in no matter the pressure this time around. No wonder, GEJ had to go. A leader must be stubborn and rugged. He was just not fit for the job. Good morning everybody.


pamellla – It’s all CHANGE!!! *laughing in Chinese*

LaExpert – When the previous government did it, it was evil. Now the present administration does the same thing, it is ‘good development.’


DaBullIT – We shall see. In the meantime if this is what will go down, I will implore NLC and every other union out there to insist on 56k minimum wage. And for those of you who are laughing , especially the yeebows, shouldn’t you be crying ?? Until last week , i enjoyed fairly stable power supply now, it’s all gone , thanks to your fraudulent attack dogs and if you complain of fuel scarcity , give some awards to your fraudster attack dogs and don’t tell me ND is different from SS and SE , Y’all look , smell and talk the same to me.




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