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Nike Animashaun’s ally, Adebola Omoboya sacked

THE man Friday of Mrs. Nike Animashaun, the sacked permanent secretary of Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Adebola Omoboya, has also been booted out of office.

Mr. Omoboya, who was until his sack the Director of Computer Services in the ministry, was given his letter of termination of appointment on Tuesday, August 4, 2015, by the state government.

We wrote in our Tuesday, August 4, 2015 edition that Mr. Omoboya, was facing the Personnel Management Board (PMB) of the ministry over his involvement in the alleged computer scam which also led to the compulsory retirement of Mrs. Onikepo Animashaun, the former permanent secretary of the ministry.

The two, we gathered, were implicated in the buying of computers which runs into billions of naira for the ministry but were not delivered physically to the ministry’s store keeper.

Mr. Omoboya, ironically came into the Ministry of Science and Technology through Mr. Adebiyi Mabadeje, the immediate past Commissioner of the Ministry.  Mr. Omoboya and Mabadeje, were colleagues in Globacom before he (Mabadeje) was appointed Commissioner in 2011 by the former governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN).  But when Omobola lost his job with Globacom, Mabadeje was said to have appointed him Special Adviser in the ministry.

Not quite long after joining the Ministry, Omoboya abandoned his friend and benefactor, Mabadeje and started frolicking with Mrs. Nike Animashaun, the powerful and influential permanent secretary.

The two started doing things together without the knowledge of the commissioner who had been reduced to a mere figure head in the ministry.  Many projects were said to have been initiated by Mr. Omoboya with the collaboration of Mrs. Animashaun without the knowledge of Mr. Mabadeje, the Commissioner and yet it would get the approval of the governor.

Mr. Omoboya’s surreptitious collaboration and cooperation with Mrs. Animashaun paid off.  Barely a year and half that he came into the ministry as special adviser to the Commissioner (a political appointment), he was made a director (civil service appointment) in the same ministry, courtesy of his powerful and influential friend, Nike Animashaun.

Mr. Omoboya, we learnt, was even contemplating becoming a permanent secretary in the service barely a year he was made a director.

He obtained and filled the form for promotion into permanent secretary cadre.  His application was, however, rejected by the Head of Service on the ground that his appointment had not been confirmed.

Certainly, with the sacking of his benefactor, Mrs. Animashaun and termination of his own appointment, his wish of becoming a permanent secretary in Lagos State Civil Service in the nearest future has become a pipe dream.

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