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Nike Oshinowo extra: ‘I’ve not balanced being a mom of twins, celebrity and TV host’

The exciting entertainment and lifestyle late night TV talk show, Late Night with Nike Oshinowo is set to return to the screens for a second season after an amazing 13 episodes in season one.

Host and mother-of-two, Nike Oshinowo, having had the likes of 2Face Idibia, Ruth Osime and Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Yemi Adamolekun, Kelechi Amadi Obi and Azu Nwagbogu, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, Dakore and P.O.E and Zuriel Oduwole and teen actor, Olamide on the couch, returns to season two alongside humourous social commentator, Cheta Nwanze with celebrity DJ Spinall in-house.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s MICHAEL NWOKIKE at the pool side wrap party for season one on Thursday, February 26, 2015 held at the Moorhouse Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos, the ageless beauty recounts the experience of season one and tells us what season two holds….


Nike Oshinowo

Congratulations on the successful completion of season one. How does it feel?

I don’t know how I feel. I’m literally overwhelmed. I didn’t prepare for immediate success. People talk about being truly blessed, I feel blessed. When they told me about putting a wrap party together I didn’t buy the idea as there was no money. But it’s a huge success. It’s wonderful when you have an idea and God endorses it and you watch it blossom.

What was the maiden edition like, being your first time as a host?

You know what, I have problems watching myself on TV. I hate having to look at myself on TV. I am still not used to it after 25 years. The maiden edition was about living in Nigeria, what it was like to live in my country right now. The fact that rich, poor, whether you live on the Island or on the mainland, you live in Ikoyi or Ajegunle, we all suffer the same thing – power failure and the likes. We were astounded at how many people tuned in to watch and have stayed since then. I’m very grateful that our partner station, AIT believe in the project. I am an embodiment of the fact that Nigerians believe in Nigeria and in Nigerian projects. Look at my project – conceived by Nigerians, put together by Nigerians and sponsored by Nigerian companies.

What drove you to start the show?

I wanted a platform – a late night platform – where we could talk about anything, including life issues and not having to be polite. I wanted that platform to address such issues in Nigeria. Yes, we have fun and entertainment, then we talk about the issues – politics, women’s rights, what it takes to live here, about what it means to be privileged or not, even sex.

What additions would you be making to improve season two?

It will be more or less a continuation of season one, but it will be a lot more exciting. Do not forget also that by season two I have found my feet, I’m almost a pro. I’m a lot easier and comfortable in front of the cameras. People believe in us even more, so guests become a bit braver. Also, we’ll get to do a lot more things out of studio. We were invited to the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco as well as the Cannes Film Festival, France. We’ll take the show there and show Nigerians what it’s like to be there.

What was the high point of season one for you?

I think the high point of season one has to be the wrap party. You know, because you film everything, you do it over and over, you are on auto pilot. You don’t have time to catch your breath. But at the party, I’m thinking people are here celebrating Late Night with Nike Oshinowo, who am I? I look at 13 episodes, wow!

It certainly must be a tough task, being a famous celebrity, mom of twins and TV host. How would you strike a balance?

You’d like me to tell the truth? I haven’t balanced it. I have not found any balance. I’m just coping. I am just managing. Today, we were scheduled to start at 6:00 pm; by 5:30 pm I was ready to come out, but my twins started calling ‘ma ma, ma ma’. They wanted me to bath them! I had to be dressed in this gown.  Then I handed them to the nanny and ran. So, there’s no balance.



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