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NNEOMA ANOSIKE wins Elite Model 2013

‘This feeling is indescribable!’

18 year old Nneoma Anosike is the winner of 2013 Aquafina Elite Model Competition. She walked away with the crown at a well attended event which held at the Expo Hall Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island Lagos on Sunday September 29, 2013. The latest discovery spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about her victory and more.


Nneoma AnosikeHow does it feel winning 2013 Aquafina Elite Model Crown?

Thank you so much. It is a wonderful feeling, really. Winning in itself, alone, is a great thing, but to win something I know I wanted and worked hard enough for, that feeling is beyond words. It’s amazing, and I’m thankful to God.

Have you ever wanted to be a model?

Of course! I have always wanted to be a model. Growing up, my family always called me Agbani Darego (and it wasn’t solely because I am skinny), and I’ve always looked forward to strutting runways.

Who encouraged you that you could make it as a model?

Everyone dear to me. My family has been my backbone- my brother, Kécy, he hasn’t for a divided second, stopped believing in me. He would drive me to castings, fittings, photo-shoots, meetings, and sometimes wait long hours till I’m done. (He’s awesome!) My dad too, bless his heart, has never been one to force anything on his kids. He would say: find what you’re passionate about and I will stick with you till the end. I have a great family support system that I’m utterly proud of.

What are those qualities that helped you this far as a model?

Having a good heart is paramount, as a human being; you have to be kind to everyone, break your lips at people, be true to yourself, be passionate about your craft and be willing to learn. I never assumed to know it all, and at boot camp, I was able to absorb so much knowledge about modeling just by paying attention. Attentiveness is key. Kindness is also necessary.

What were your childhood dreams and aspirations?

I would say, now, that I had always dreamt of being a model but really, somewhere under the pillows as I dreamt and slept through my childhood, I knew I also wanted to be an economist.

What has really changed about you since you were crowned Aquafina Elite Model?

Nothing has really changed. I’m still Nneoma, the 18 year old who shares a room with her younger sister Angel and makes breakfast for her dad every morning and does the dishes and laughs on the phone with my girlfriends for long hours and converses with Talking Angela every night till I fall asleep. But I’m open to changes, whenever they come; as long as they come through the lighted tunnel of positivity.

1-IMG_7891What are the habits you are going to drop by virtue of your new status?

Sleeping. What I meant to say is, I’d probably sleep less, owing to the work commitments I have. Oh gosh, I love my sleep.

Being Aquafina Elite Model winner comes with a lot of commitment, how do you intend to spend your one year reign?

I’m hoping and looking forward to a fantastic year experience with Aquafina. I am excited to be part of such a great and classy brand and would just soak it all in as the moments pass.

Which particular project are you going to embark upon and how do you intend to go about it?

I always want to believe I’m a feminist. I’m all for women empowerment; liberating and inspiring the girl child; I’m for revoking the woes of double standards and the sexual objectifications that the society has burdened on women. Nothing concrete has been set in motion right now as to what route I’m to follow. So I don’t have a foot in my mouth; but watch out.

What are your plans for your cash prize?

I really try not to make plans.

Who among others do you think could have won the crown?

Tope. Lovely girl; great model.

What was really on your mind the night you were crowned?

In as much as I came to win, I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the camp, the show, and learning from all the amazing tutors and basically just having a nice time; so I was in a state of confusion when my name was called. I was thinking “oh really?”  Because I had left an open mind. And it felt pretty good when I had the bouquet in my hands as the crowd cheered. Though it did finally hit me at the after party, I couldn’t believe I won.

In your opinion, what makes a super model?

Act. A certain poise is required to be a supermodel; a certain, unique dexterity that wows everyone the minute you come on the runway. You cannot be a mediocre, you have to find your act, find your rhythm, and groom it into perfection so when you walk, everyone wears a paused lips and straight eyes, solely focused on your poise and elegance. It’s tough, but with practice and determination, it’s highly achievable.

Who are your heroes?

In relating to my field, Agbani Darego is absolute perfection. Oluchi, Gisele, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Alexandra Ambrossio and Miranda Kerr.

What are the most unforgettable memories of your growing up you still hold close to your heart?

All the trips I made with my family. We always have fun memories, no matter where we go to. And each of those memories; every tear, every laugh, every scream, echoes in my heart. I have so many that I literally can’t pick just one, or tell it all without writing a book.

1-IMG_7910Please, tell us about your growing up, educational background and family?

I grew up in a close knit family. Really, really close. We are like the Kardashians without all that money and scandal and drama that bond, that genuine love for one another. And I couldn’t have asked for more. I remember growing up; taking long walks with my siblings through Glover Road, Ikoyi, Lagos with the trees swaying over our heads, talking about everything and nothing. Those simple, random moments of someone’s life. One would never expect them to be nothing but trivial, but as I think about it now, having a good family is paramount to being a good person. And also, I’m the first daughter; I have two lovely sisters and two brothers. My dad is a river of awesomeness too. I got my O’levels last year and would soon proceed for my degrees.

Tell us about your parents and what they do at the moment?

My dad is a creative director. And also runs businesses. My mother is of blessed memory.

Have they always supported your ambition of becoming a model?

Absolutely. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to be my parents.

What is your favourite colour? 

I love black.

What turns you on and off?

Genuine kindness. Lies are potentially my greatest turn offs.

As a model, what is your impression about nudity, can you pose nude with the right price?

I hold my personal opinion on this but it’s never always about the price. The minute you subject it to the price, then I feel it is debasing to the female gender. A model, just like a painter or a singer or a furniture maker, is an artist. A model would choose to do what speaks to her, artistically; what shows her craft and prowess; what she understands and interprets as getting into character. So it’s never about the price, and once it becomes about the price, then I’m sorry, it’s degrading and borderline insulting.




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