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‘No man is behind my political ambition’ – Actress Funke Adesiyan, PDP Reps candidiate (Oyo)

GORGEOUS thespian, Funke Adesiyan is one of the entertainers who have veered into politics.  Not only that, the Ibadan, Oyo born actress turned politician has also won House of Representatives ticket on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).  And come 2015, she will be contesting for Ibadan South East II Federal Constituency seat.

In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, December 21, 2014, the brilliant role interpreter told us why she wants to serve her people and much more…

Funke-AdesiyanCongratulations on your victory at the just concluded House of Representatives primary election in Oyo State on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

I also thank you so much. I also thank my people and leaders of our great party, especially in my constituency, Ibadan South East II for the trust and belief they all have in me.  I thank them a lot, may God bless them all.

What informed politics?

Politics has always been what I love to practice. I have been part of it for quite long but I have been practicing it quietly until now that I came out to contest.  And whether I do it or not now, I know one day, I am going to venture into it. But I thank God it came at the right time.

How did you raise the fund since politics involves spending a lot of money before you can sell yourself to your people?

Left to me, there is no amount that can buy the trust and love of your people.  One thing that’s also sure is that one day, money will definitely get exhausted but your nobility is what you will be left with.  And love is eternal.  I, for one believe it’s that love that won me the ticket, not money.  How I emerged winner was beyond money.

But what some people are saying is that there is a man behind your political ambition and also clinching the ticket.

albun hot (1)You only need God, and when He is behind you, the sky is even the beginning.  When you have God first, He would command human beings to favour you in all your endeavours.

Why the choice of PDP when you know full well that the state is being controlled by All Progressives Congress (APC)?

The party I belong appreciates women and has given women the opportunity of being involved in politics, recognizing our uniqueness.  With God and your people on your side, the sky is the beginning.  And victory is sure and it’s ours all the way by God’s grace.

What do you intend doing for the people you want to represent at the House of Representatives if you eventually win in the 2015 general elections?

I want a better representation for my people, youth, women and children.  There should be better healthcare in curbing women and infant mortality rate, better education for children and youth.  Then more empowerment for women who are the builders of the family which is the smallest unit of a nation.  I am, however, encouraging more women and youth to get involved in politics because if you are not part of making the law, you will surely be governed by what others make for you.  The journey of a million miles begins with a step.


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