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No mercy for disgraced lady whose public proposal was declined

The lady who proposed to her man at Ikeja City Mall (in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos) has been roundly criticised for her audacity and carelessness.

Nigerians on social media dissed the lady for taking over the traditional role of a man, not knowing her man enough to suspect that he will decline to marry her and for choosing a public spot.
Here are some views about the proposal gone wrong…

Dai Meli

I personally don’t agree with public proposals, but as a woman I wouldn’t propose to a man period, that is his responsibility as a man, if we have talked about marriage and if more than a reasonable amount of time has passed and he has not proposed or at least indicated that we will get married and taken steps towards marriage (shared account, living together) then I will just leave him. I think anything after five years is too long unless we’re both in school (undergraduate studies).


Mma Rahma

Why propose to him, if he wants to settle dwn he will proposed, by now you just a side chick filling some gap, if she had done it in close doors, she would have saved herself from embarrassment.


Joshua Addy

Its simple many of us get this wrong form the onset IF U ARE DATING TO GET MARRIED, THEN U ARE DATING TO BREAK UP period there is no in between or may be`s. know what u are doing before u begin.


Latoya Beckham

She had no business proposing anyway..that’s a man’s job


Akua Akomeah Brigitte

The guy is married already.

Desperation can make people do stupid things

Naniama….next time



Serious gobe.. I just hope the lady accepts this in good faith. Public embarrassment, it will take time for this wound of hers to heal. I wish her the best.


Gury Wan

Why are some women so stupid and selfish? How can you go out and ask a guy to marry you publicly without due your own due dilligence checks in the first place.



Now when she starts to act like a witch towards men they will say she is too harsh amongst other things.The audacity…wallahi i for tear the man slap gum that stupid hat to his head.


 Grace Moon

I was shedding tears for her. Shame on men like this..Now he is exposed globally..shame on men who see women as sex object to use her and not caring about her emotions..You will have your own kids and think the world will be kind to them..Shame on you


Chinwengozi udechukwu

U see eeh I would have done dsame (not say i am married tho) i would walk away if I was not ready … U don’t corner or pressure someone to make a critical decision Union this . . more also I disapprove of these public proposal .. Propose in private first if she agree u can then upgrade her ring or something special in public The guys showed signs why didn’t the girl just stand and walk away with him or just walk away … She embarrassed her self … The was giving her signs not to do that



Mumu, and u tink its somtin to be proud of abi. Some men get serious problem.why date and giv Lady hope wen u hav no intention of lovin her, worst of, u are already married . haba. And better men now no get gud lady’s oh. Dis life no fair at all



Wetin go make u propose to man, u no get culture where u come from? Babe pls don’t try to change the topic, cos u know say u screw up big time and u don trend negatively for social media, so u try to divert ppls attention from u. Abeg talk true sister, imthe sure the guy simply told u he’s not interested. Don’t propose to a guy next time.


Taiwo Amaka

This could have been me o. Got tired of waiting for my boo to pop d question so I was contemplating going on one knee. I’m stupid I know. Calling out … who got me to fall head over heels in love with him only to find out he is married with 2 kids. Absolutely shattered!!! I hate men. Wicked, heartless idiots.


Harriet Dzikunu

First of I got too much pride in me to propose to a guy. I will rather stay single forever than propose to a guy


Princess Adesewa Adeolu Ben

When we Nigerian copy something, we over copy it to the extent of abuse. Must every marriage proposal done in the public glear? Haba! So proposal done in private is no longer good. U are too desperate gurl, so sorry about ur decline but u embarrassed the guy by doing the proposal thing.


Betty Aduda A

She had the guts…but too much humiliation involved… its evidently he wasn’t ready to settle…so let him screw around eventually when he is done…someone will have alrdy proposed to you… So get up, stand and walk the fame


Jeff Ja Sakwa

Whether its the lady or guy proposing it should be a private affair. Ur not proposing to the public. Ur proposing to the love of ur life. So go n cement that union privately. If he or she rejects you, you get up and move on PRIVATELY….


Evans Omarion

Men we can withstand that humiliation wen done to us… But adude doing this to a woman issa totally NO siangemdanganya tu basi yes than kumtenda hivi aaaargh


Maazu Ohaaze

You cant cook unripe cocoyam before its time. Women, please do not rush men. Investigate . If me a single eligible dr is cornered in public in fact ambushed i will just cut the babe off. I am a man not a bitch. U cant propose to me


Obad Kaikunmi

And she didn’t give him good slap? Anyway until all ladies learn chop and go and not see marriage as the only way to heaven that’s why I love whites the walk away fast and throw your dirty trousers after you.


Paul Diamond

Though it was wrong for her to propose, but on the good side she was able to find out the man was married, if not she’ll still be wasting her time with the He-Goat


Mukadam TJ

Why are Nigerian so gullible. I know that guy and he is not married. He just wanted her to to stop embarrassing him. This new trend of women going down on one knee is still unconventional with Nigerian Men and if you must do it, do it at home. And for the few of you that are calling men names. Will you because you failed one course leave school or will you because you had a bad deal close your business? There are good men and bad men so also with women. Be wise! Investigate intensively and extensively after then you can fall in love. ✌️


Faith Hassan

Waa now this is the problem with ladies, you can’t live your life, you want to do things because other people are doing it,he wasn’t for you wait on your time gal may be it was for the best


Bancy Wanjiru

She should have practiced her reaction if things could go south……… Mtu huangalia both sides…. Just in case


Nabil Baron

This is so wrong by the bf. this is how they turn them to gold digger and starts hunting men for revenge


Lucy Shiru

I better die single can’t propose to a man

I kent


Van Frank

So unfair and embarrassment to the slay queen who couldn’t wait to be proposed. Boy child amekataa kuvutana na trailer


Brian McDave

That’s what happens when come from #Shithole country!!


Julian Mueni

Useless woman, what are u proposing to? Since when did the women start doing that crap?


Fridah Candy

We are still Africans women can’t propose, dahh

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